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  1. How fun! I love the unexpected twist of adding comical shapes and colors to old photographs.
    And those birds are so stinkin’ cute! They just make me smile 🙂

  2. Hi Kristin! I recently came across some great old family photos and would love to try my hand at a project like this. Just wondering if you had any tips on how you did this project… like, what kind of paint did you use? Did you paint right on the photo or did you copy the photo onto paper or some other medium? This project could add such a cool, unexpected twist to framed family photos. (I’d do it on copies of the photos, of course, and not the originals.) Thanks!

  3. Hi Erica! If I remember correctly we actually used oil pastels, or soft pastels–I’m not sure which. I’d recommend making a few inexpensive copies to try it out first, and see which you like best. I’d also be interested to see how colored pencils work. I would imagine that you could blend those as well with a kneaded eraser. Good luck!


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