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  1. Babies aren’t too much trouble on flights. Once they are toddlers and don’t want to stay in their seats the flights will become more stressful for you. I flew cross country with my niece when she was Ruby’s age and I just kept feeding her snacks every she got a little restless. I think she actually enjoyed the flight since she got to eat the whole time! Whatever it takes…

  2. Your baby just melts my little heart. Thank you for sharing your sweet girl with us. Makes people like me who don’t get that daily interaction with kids so happy.

  3. Holy cuteness Joy! She is so smart and lovable, those cheeks and arms and her sweet outfit, she is irresistible!!! It melts me too and I’m not even her ma-ma-ma-ma-ma!

  4. SO cute! That first “mom” is truly swoon worthy. When my daughter was seven months, air travel was great. She typically fell asleep on the plane. Have fun!

  5. I love this!
    Joy where did you get that book made? I’ve been wanting to do something similar for my nephew.
    – Agata.

  6. oh my goodness, all those arm rolls remind me of my little baby! the best is wrist and elbow chub, isn’t it? she’s just adorable!

  7. Thank you for this sweet little clip! I’ve been sick with the flu and this has made me smile for the first time in two days. So precious. Have a great trip!

  8. So here’s a question. Ruby has some seriously cute clothes. Do you, and if so how, avoid not so cute baby girl clothing gifts or do you just not put those on the blog? Or put them in some dark drawer you never open… 🙂

  9. oh baby! she is one gorgeous girl and very smart! oh yeah, and very stylish like her mommy! thanks for sharing.

  10. Ahh! and you know a lot of babies say “dada” first because ‘supposedly’ it’s easier. Pelvic thrusts for women!
    Ruby’s a big girl now! Ruby’s a GENIUS!

  11. You should post where all of her clothes are from too (like you do for your self)- especially this outfit!!! She is adorable!!!

  12. Ohmygod you seriously made my wednesday, she is so incredibly delicious!!! Cute doesn’t even begin to capture it…
    good luck with the travels 🙂

  13. I took my baby at 4 months old on a two hour flight, and then again at 6 months old on a 4 1/2 hour flight by myself, so I am sure you will be fine on your flight. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Ask either the ticketing people or the gate agent if they can make sure you have at least one empty seat by you. That seat makes all the difference!

  14. Not sure if someone has already said this but bring a toy or a water bottle or tissue paper..basically anything that’s new that she hasn’t seen before. That will at least occupy her for 20 minutes 🙂

  15. Your daughter is beautiful! I’m heading with my 3 months baby boy to Buenos Aires (Argentina) in a 3 hours flight next friday. He’s going to meet his grandparents and my brother too! Hope everything goes OK!

  16. Hi! Im wondering if you could tell me where had you gotten that photo book, and what brand is it?
    been looking for something similar.
    Ruby is gorgeous!


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