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  1. I ordered mine as soon as they were available and loved it so much that I gifted another to a friend! Makes a great happy gift!

  2. Hi – These Happy note pads (and the Happy note cards) are DARLING! And I just tried to order both from the Tokketok site you mentioned, and it said they are sold out. Even more bad news: it also said that the owner is moving out of the country and they are no longer being offered for sale on her site. Wow – that was fast! She did say that they will be offered wholesale, but not where a buyer could find them from this point. I was wondering if you knew where to buy them retail? A store OR online?
    HELP! I MUST have these in my life! : )
    Thanks so much,
    Phyllis Rhea

  3. Did you just order them?? I tried and it said on the website they are sold out AND the owner was moving out of the country and they were no longer available on her site.
    I was just wondering, since you had success purchasing them, if you found them somewhere else and if you would mind sharing where?
    Phyllis Rhea


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