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{outside/inside} modern pink pop…



When I lived in Brooklyn, I'd walk by beautiful brownstones at night and see glimpses of the homes, wondering about the families that lived there, what the inside looks like, and how it's decorated. Now that I live in Silver Lake in LA, there are even more types of eclectic homes to dream about. I love the idea of imagining how a home might be decorated on the inside based on it's exterior style, so today, we're starting a new column called Outside/Inside. Joanna, who spends her days as a home designer at Anthropologie and works on food posts here on Thursdays, will now be exploring this juxtapostion of inside and out every other week. We hope you it not only stirs your curiousity about homes you see, but also inspires some design ideas for your own home…
— Joy
OUTSIDE / Pops of pink and geometric shapes on this pre-fab house photographed by Josef Schulz calls for…

…an INSIDE that's full of whimsical, modern pink with touches of warm wood and metal accents. I imagine that a fiction writer born in the 60's or a botanist from Miami might live here… — Joanna

{left to right, top to bottom: stretch chair from ABC Carpet & Homearion lamp from Dwellstudiocandle wax vase from Design Within Reachflamingo pillow from West ElmJennifer Sanchez print from 20×200color chip box from Leif, bond desk from Jonathan Adler, and ABC Home & Carpet.}


  1. this is such an awesome idea!! the pink is all so amazing, especially that chair. can’t wait to see what you come up with next week!

  2. I stumbled upon that print on 20×200 the other day and it is on my wishlist! Funny to see it here 2 days later.

  3. Does this house exist somewhere? Great addition to the blog. I recently started blogging and I have a new found respect for all the work you put into ohjoy!. It is a part of my morning routine.

  4. these inspirations are so adorable! That pink chair is such an eye catcher 🙂 Any decorating plans for this fathers day weekend? Keep us posted!


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