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{everyday party} a father’s day pack-a-picnic…



With Father's Day just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to make some pack-a-picnic cutlery pouches for having a day of fun in the sun with your favorite guy. It's also fun and easy way to display cutlery at other outdoor events—whether you have a set at each place setting, in a basket on a table, or in a picnic basket camped out in the grass…


You'll need:


—Ruler (a clear ruler is best, but a traditional ruler, like I used, will work as well)

—Fabric scissors

—Straight pins

—Heat'n Bond UltraHold iron-on adhesive
   {Since I had it on hand, I used the 5/8" width, cut in half}

—Safety pins

—Ribbon, such as cotton twill. Each piece will need to be 16" long.

—Needle and thread

—Iron and ironing board

—Cutlery {I used wooden cutlery like this from Garnish


Here's how:

1. Cut fabric into a piece that is 21" long and 5" wide. Iron fabric. 

2. Fold fabric in half width-wise, inside-out, so that you have a piece of fabric that is 10-1/2" long and 5" wide. Iron on the fold.

3. Create the top of your pouch. Fold edges a total of 2-1/2" on either top side by folding 1/2" and another 2". Iron with each fold. Pin seams. 

4. Seam long sides, beginning with the left side. Cut one piece of heat and bond 8" long and 1/4" wide. Apply to left side of your pouch, following instructions for application on heat and bond package. 

5. Seam right side. Cut one piece of heat and bond 7" long and 1/4" wide. Apply to right side of your pouch, following instructions for application on heat and bond package. 

6. Seam top edges with a piece of heat and bond that is 5" long and 1/4" wide.* 

7. Turn pouch inside-out and iron. 


8. Create drawstring by cutting ribbon into a 16" piece. 

9. Make opening for drawstring on the inside of bag. From the top of your pouch, on the inside left-seam-side, make a vertical slit by measuring 1/2" down and a 1/2" over from the left seam on the front and back panels.

10. Make an opening for the drawstring on the outside of bag. From the top of your pouch, on the outside right-seam-side, make a vertical slit by measuring 1/2" down and a 1/2" over from the right seam on the front and back panels.

11. Pin either end of ribbon with safety pin. Thread ribbon from inside openings to out. Un-pin ribbon and clean up edges of ribbon. 


12. Finally, sew top inch of the right side of your bag with needle and thread. 


The best part is, you can re-use the pouches again for another picnic or for party favors or re-purpose to protect your sunglasses! You can also easily hand or machine sew this project if you'd like. You could also add a monogram or a name to the pouch with a stencil and fabric paint, or use some of Dad's old shirts to make these even more personalized. Have fun! — Courtney

{Photos by Kaycee Deen. *Please note: Fabric seamed with heat and bond is machine washable. However it is best to hand wash this project because we did not finish the holes for the drawstring and the openings may fray.}


  1. This is such a great idea! Fun idea to have kids to be involved too 🙂 Will you be using this for father’s day… designmom has a great idea for personalized roasting sticks….both of these ideas for 1 special fathers day…AMAZING!


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