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my favorite patterned flats…



I'm usually always on the go these days whether it's running around with Ruby or going to and from work meetings. So I've been wearing heels less and less and flats more and more for my every day wear. Sometimes you guys get a peek at my usual footwear on Instagram and ask what's what, so I thought I'd share my current favorite patterned flats as of lately. I'm pretty much wearing one of these four pair of shoes every day right now… — Joy

1. Madewell polka dot skimmer, 2. ShoeMint striped flats, 3. Loeffler Randal sandals, 4. Keds striped jute flats.

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. LOVE this post and how you created a scene here!
    Love the flats too. I have been wanting those Madewell polkadot flats too!
    *update – just went online and the polka dot flats are no longer on the site! no!!!! why did I wait so long to buy!

  2. Such a cute post! I’ve been eyeing the Shoe Mint flats for a while – would you say they’re pretty comfortable?

  3. I’m having a hard time finding those polka dot skimmers on the Madewell website. Any chance you have a direct link?

  4. Hi Alex,
    The link to them is a direct link but they must have sold out! ;( They were literally there just last night!

  5. Love the animation! Thanks for introducing me to Loeffler Randall. Just went to their site and I see so many things that I want!

  6. Joy,
    I have the same LR sandals as you (go team polka dot!) but I find the soles get really dirty – have you noticed that as well? Perhaps it’s just me and my filthy feet, but I thought I would ask. 🙂


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