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happy friday + bedhead…

Ruby Hanging in Our Bed - 36 weeks

Happy Friday and Happy Summer guys! I'm going to end this week with a little snippet of my little nugget. This is from last weekend when she woke up at her usual {a bit too early for me} time around 6:30am, and I brought her into our bedroom in hopes of getting a few more minutes of sleep. Of course, that didn't work because how could I fall back asleep with this little bedhead ready to play and start the day. Excuse my extremely high-pitched baby voice here. I'd suggest turning the volume off if I were you! Have a great weekend, friends. Hope it's full of lots of sleeping in for all of you. Me, I'll happily be up {yet sleepy} with my 6:30am alarm clock named Ruby… — Joy

Ps. Congrats to Kelly R. from Minneapolis, MN for being the winner of this week's giveaway! You can still use the code OHJOY10 at A-Thread thru July 3rd for 10% off your purchase. And, as with every purchase from A-Thread, 5% of your purchase is donated to a charity of your choice!


  1. this is the cutest little video i have ever seen! Ruby is so so so adorable! ahhhh i just want to give her a big cuddle. her little smile is so cute!
    hope you have a great weekend Joy & Ruby! xx

  2. I love that you share videos of her. It truly makes my Friday. My favorite was the one posted where she was saying, “ma ma ma.” Melted my little heart.

  3. Ha! You both are cutie patooties. Love that she looked at you crazy for a bit…like, “Mom I won’t smile until you do the thing…there’s the thing!”


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