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put a scarf on it {giveaway}…



One of my favorite accessories during the slightly cooler months is a lightweight scarf with fun colors and patterns. But when summer comes around, I usually don't need the extra coverage so I love the idea of tying the scarf onto your bag. As an ode to wearing scarves in the summer, we've teamed up with Ellington Handbags and A-Thread to give away this folding tote bag and striped scarf shown above.

To enter, simply visit Ellington Handbags and A-Thread, then leave a comment below telling us how else you'd use a scarf like this in the summertime. Entries must be posted by this Friday, June 22nd at 8am PST*, and one winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

Also, as a special bonus, A-Thread is offering 10% off anything in their shop. Use code OHJOY10 thru July 3rd. And, as with every purchase from A-Thread, 5% of your purchase is donated to a charity of your choice! โ€” Joy

UPDATE: Congrats to Kelly R. from Minneapolis, MN for being our winner this time!

*Sorry, limited to US readers only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $186 US total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close and announced on the bottom of this post soon after.


  1. I would pair the scarf with a white vneck and cutoffs…..the bag would be filled with snacks and bottle of vino for the beach!

  2. I’ve got to be honest, y’all have nailed the styling. So I would use that scarf to adorn any bag! But I would also loosely wrap it around my neck in the evenings when I walked to my local ice cream parlor for ice cream sandwiches.

  3. These would go great with a white tee and skinny jeans. Classic for a summer evening and outside dining!

  4. I could use that scarf in oh so many ways! In my hair, as a halter top with some summery white shorts, on my new Ellington bag, around my neck, as a wrap at the pool, as a pouch for my lunch at the beach … the possibilities are endless, really.

  5. Besides wearing scarves around my neck, I LOVE putting a lightweight one in my hair and then head to the pool!

  6. The darling May flowers scarf would be a gorgeous headband for heading off to the beach.

  7. I live in Florida so wearing the scarf anywhere on my body would be much too hot. I would definitely tie it on a bag though!

  8. I would also use it as a belt to add a bit color.
    Or for friends I love – I would use the scarf as ribbon to wrap gifts.

  9. I’ve been in the market for lightweight scarves – I have to wear them on my scooter to protect my neck (and to be oh so fashionable!) love the idea of tying them on to my bag after hopping off.

  10. I’m so envious that this is only limited to US readers! I wear a scarf everyday – we’re not having much of a summer to speak of over in London at the moment. I am wearing scarves to cheer up my simple light jumpers/sweaters or when I am brave, a jersey top or shirt, for work.
    I just love accessorising with scarves – they are great when you are not sure what the weather will be like.
    This scarf is absolutely gorgeous!

  11. I love wearing a scarf to work to cover up bare shoulders. Love the idea of tying to my bag when I leave the office.

  12. I love the bag and the scarf….I still love to wear scarves all summer and a light scarf is perfect for wrapping around my shoulders to protect from the suns rays at my sons baseball games when often their is not a speck of shade or in a cafe when the sun shifts a bit and all of a sudden you find yourself in the direct sun.

  13. I love the bag and the scarf….I still love to wear scarves all summer and a light scarf is perfect for wrapping around my shoulders to protect from the suns rays at my sons baseball games when often their is not a speck of shade or in a cafe when the sun shifts a bit and all of a sudden you find yourself in the direct sun.

  14. I love the bag and the scarf….I still love to wear scarves all summer and a light scarf is perfect for wrapping around my shoulders to protect from the suns rays at my sons baseball games when often their is not a speck of shade or in a cafe when the sun shifts a bit and all of a sudden you find yourself in the direct sun.

  15. I love the bag and the scarf….I still love to wear scarves all summer and a light scarf is perfect for wrapping around my shoulders to protect from the suns rays at my sons baseball games when often their is not a speck of shade or in a cafe when the sun shifts a bit and all of a sudden you find yourself in the direct sun.

  16. I love the bag and the scarf….I still love to wear scarves all summer and a light scarf is perfect for wrapping around my shoulders to protect from the suns rays at my sons baseball games when often their is not a speck of shade or in a cafe when the sun shifts a bit and all of a sudden you find yourself in the direct sun.

  17. I love the bag and the scarf….I still love to wear scarves all summer and a light scarf is perfect for wrapping around my shoulders to protect from the suns rays at my sons baseball games when often their is not a speck of shade or in a cafe when the sun shifts a bit and all of a sudden you find yourself in the direct sun.

  18. I love the bag and the scarf….I still love to wear scarves all summer and a light scarf is perfect for wrapping around my shoulders to protect from the suns rays at my sons baseball games when often their is not a speck of shade or in a cafe when the sun shifts a bit and all of a sudden you find yourself in the direct sun.

  19. I love the bag and the scarf….I still love to wear scarves all summer and a light scarf is perfect for wrapping around my shoulders to protect from the suns rays at my sons baseball games when often their is not a speck of shade or in a cafe when the sun shifts a bit and all of a sudden you find yourself in the direct sun.

  20. I love the bag and the scarf….I still love to wear scarves all summer and a light scarf is perfect for wrapping around my shoulders to protect from the suns rays at my sons baseball games when often their is not a speck of shade or in a cafe when the sun shifts a bit and all of a sudden you find yourself in the direct sun.

  21. I love the bag and the scarf….I still love to wear scarves all summer and a light scarf is perfect for wrapping around my shoulders to protect from the suns rays at my sons baseball games when often their is not a speck of shade or in a cafe when the sun shifts a bit and all of a sudden you find yourself in the direct sun.

  22. What a pretty scarf! I’m always cold, especially going to places like church and the grocery store (random I know) where they blast the AC like crazy. I’d wear this scarf with a summery dress to stay warm!

  23. What a cute set! I do like the scarf on bag look, but I also love a loosely tied scarf around the neck when the air conditioning in my office is just too much!

  24. Very cute bag and scarf! I live where it is really hot and humid in the summer, but inside my office where I work it is freezing! I would wear the scarf inside at work to help keep me warm.

  25. Oh! I love this scarf and it’s so affordable! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d wear it to spice up some of my plain solid-colored dresses or a white v-neck and jeans. I usually carry around a scarf or a cardigan every where I go in the summer even if it’s in the 90s because stores and shops are always at frigid temps!

  26. I would tie my hair up with this o-so-cute scarf while sitting on the beach or by the pool!

  27. Love it! This would be adorable folded up to use as a headband, or loosely draped around the neck with a tank top for summer nights.

  28. I would wear it on the beach in the evening when it gets chilly on my trip to Massachusetts!

  29. LOVE this look just as you styled it! But the scarf would also look great loosely wrapped around my neck with a jean skirt and white T.

  30. I’d tie it around my head as a head scarf…until I got too cold in San Francisco…then I would use it as a scarf scarf.

  31. I love the scarf tied to the bag and the scarf would be great to wear when I run into a freezing cold store!

  32. Love the colors in the scarf! I would pair it with my slouchy, white tank, denim shorts & a set of bangles I recently bought.

  33. i would tie it around the bag as a nice touch of colour. That way I’d always have it handy to wrap around my neck or as a headband on a windy day! thanks for the giveaway, joy!

  34. I’d wear it around my neck even in the summer! Our office is always freezing and for some reason if my neck is warm, the rest of me is ok.

  35. I adore the Ellington tote bag and A-Thread scarf. For the summer, I’d use the scarf to add a punch to my outfit. I’d like to wear the scarf as a statement necklace.

  36. This scarf is the same colors as my Alma Mater, Syracuse University – so i’d wear it while watching SU football and basketball games in style ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. I’d use it as a belt in my favorite jeans, or as a headwrap on those crazy summer hair days!

  38. I use scarves incessantly all summer long, but my favorite is to keep one on my beach bag and use it as a bandeau while tanning. Also nice for tying up my beachy curls for post-sun dining.

  39. omg! this giveaway is so perfect for me ๐Ÿ™‚ i am wearing a lightweight scarf right now with a tank and black pants. its a perfect way to keep warm at work when they have the ac blasting. i also love love love this bag. i am in need of a replacement for my current bag thats just not cutting it on the cute factor. keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

  40. I’d wrap this lovely scarf around my neck for a little color on a cloudy day in Pittsburgh.

  41. The scarf would go in a bow around my neck for a fancy dinner with friends or in my hair if I’m off to work (: or as a belt around a long summer dress!

  42. They blast the air conditioner at work, so I’d wear it inside, like a winter scarf. All summer long.

  43. I’d wear the scarf long and loose with a cardigan in the evenings (and probably end up using it to shade the baby in the stroller). Cross-body bags are also the best when you have little kids.

  44. I’d wear it with a simple white tshirt to dress it up! Keeps me warm at work!

  45. I love the idea of tying a scarf to my tote! Then you’ll have it close by for chilly air conditioning!
    Thanks for the great give away!

  46. I don’t mind a scarf in the summer, maybe not wrapped around the neck, but just long and loose. Adds a pop of color to any plain tee. LOVE the bag.

  47. This scarf would be a perfect and stylish way to protect my hair at the beach…or to warm up in my chilly office.

  48. I find that the AC is so cold in the summer that I need to wear a scarf to add some extra warmth! I think it’d be cute to use it as a headwrap/headband.

  49. love scarves, summer or otherwise. especially in a chilly air conditioned office!

  50. Oh my gosh I would love this! When it’s really hot in the summer I like to use light scarves to tie my hair back so none of it is touching my neck.

  51. I’m thinking I could possibly bring the Punky Brewster look back. Tie it around my leg? No? It could work! I’ll send pictuers ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. I always keep a scarf in the office for when the AC gets too high. I drape it over the back of my chair for a cheerful touch of color.

  53. So pretty! They’d make great beach wraps, hair kerchiefs…and emergency hankies! :o)

  54. I love tying scarves to bags! I’ve been wanting to experiment with tying a scarf to my head but as yet I’ve been a wee bit too scared!

  55. It s a perfect bike riding bag/scarf combo. Especially for the san francisco days that start all sunny and nice and end blanketed in fog.

  56. I wear scarves everyday. Even in the TX summer heat, I always carry one because I tend to get very cold with blasting a/c.

  57. Summer scarves are a necessity! I bring one to work most days–the office is kept so cold, having a light scarf is the perfect addition to an outfit without requiring lots of extra bulk. And on the walk/drive home, it ties nicely around a purse.

  58. i’d love to throw it on my head, tie it tight, and add some jackie O shades at the beach. ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Around my hair, or on the shoulders either to keep off the sun or in the cooler evenings.

  60. I always have a scarf with me during the summer. So much easier to carry than a sweater and a necessity in the A/C.

  61. The perfect extra layer for a quick plane flight, tied around the straps of a straw farmers market bag or to top off a white maxi dress with flat sandals…even works draped over a coat rack for a pop of color in an entryway. I love using clothing as home accessories.

  62. I’d throw the bag over my shoulder, and tie that scarf in my hair! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  63. i would use this lovely scarf as a belt! ๐Ÿ˜‰ to add some color to my summer shorts!!

  64. That Annie Tote looks awesome for work travel. I’d love to wear one of those scarves with a cute beach dress. Nothing beats a light scarf on a breezy, summer beach night

  65. I love how you’ve styled it! I think for Summer I’d use scarves in my hair to add a little flair! ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. I love both of those! In Michigan, our summer nights can still get a bit chilly, so I would tie the scarf around my bag during the day, and use the scarf around my neck at night!

  67. I would tie it around my waist over some shorts or wear it with a simple white tank. So pretty

  68. This would be perfect for night time chills after the bbq is over but you still don’t want to go inside!

  69. I’d wear the scarf in the mornings and evenings with a t-shirt and jeans. I love the Ellington bag!

  70. I’d love a scarf like this for throwing around my shoulders at night or helping navigate the challenging world of flip-flopping A/C and heat in the summer!

  71. I’d love to wear this to work. The AC’s always blasting! Thank you for the giveaway.

  72. Even in hot weather, I find that light scarves like this are really useful in overly air-conditioned offices and movie theaters!

  73. i’d don this scarf hung around my neck- not looped… and always have something pretty for my fidgety hands to play with. great give away combo!

  74. This would be wonderful paired with a chambray dress and black ballet flats. The scarf is just gorgeous!

  75. It’s still pretty chilly in Seattle, so I would probably use it around my neck. A hair accessory sounds lovely, also.

  76. I could also use it under a black blazer to add color to a drab office outfit.

  77. I love the idea of putting it with your bag to brighten it up for summer! Also I love wearing scarves as headbands, I think it’s a unique way to liven up a wardrobe. Thanks for this giveaway!!

  78. Beautiful items — I visited both shops and love the bags and scarves!
    I would use the scarf as a headband/wrap — great to keep hair off your neck in the warm months. Thanks!

  79. Scarves are my favorite accessory! I’ve been looking for a good summer scarf. I would wear it with a solid color dress and use the bag as a fancy looking beach tote – filled with all the essentials. ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Definitely packing a scarf on vacation for cool evenings, to pair with summery dresses and sandals

  81. I would definitely wear this scarf with my favorite denim jacket. Nice and casual for the summer evenings! I love that bag, also. Nice pick!

  82. These would be the perfect accessories to my vacation in Mexico next month! I’d wear the scarf in my hair with a high ballerina bun, a simple sun dress and some bright-colored sandals or flats! Great giveaway, Joy!!

  83. It would really cute with a white or black tank dress and some flat sandals. Great way to give a simple outfit some pop!

  84. I like to wear lots of grey, so jazzing up my outfits with some color is a must! I would wear it in my hair or even wrap it around my purse’s straps.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. I’d use this scarf as a headband while on my backpacking trip around southeast asia. Who says you can’t rough it and be chic at the same time?

  86. I love the look of a summer scarf with a simple T. It moves seamlessly from neck to waist as the sun rises.

  87. I love those bags and I am definitely going to have to do some shopping at A-Thread. A scarf would be so handy to have for cooler restaurants. I’m almost always chilly indoors during summer since the ac is kept so cold so having a scarf tied around my purse would be so handy. Crossing my fingers ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. I think the scarf would make a great preppy belt w/ white jeans and a chambray shirt! but since I’m preggo I would stick with around the neck for now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. This is such a cute pair. I absolutely love lightweight scarves in the summer to dress up shorts and a tank top. I can imagine wearing this while I am watching the July 4th fireworks on the beach!

  90. I would bring my scarf to work for those hot summer days where AC feels quite chilly!

  91. Living in Seattle, we can pretty much wear scarves 11 months out of the year. I will wear one today as it won’t break 65 degrees. I also am 7 weeks pregnant and have been using scarves this week to hide my ever groaning chest line and bloated tummy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. Hmmm … I’d use the scarf as a little blanket on the airplane (around my shoulders, you know), as a light-weight shawl at my wedding, to tie up my hair … I’d probably never leave the house without it, honestly. I’m a bit of a scarf addict!

  93. How cute is everything at A-Thread?! I would probably pair the scarf with a summery white sundress and camel colored flats. It would be perfect for watching fireworks on the fourth!

  94. While I don’t need a scarf outside in the summer, the office is always frigid! I wear them to keep me warmer inside ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. I always pair mine with a cute dress and heels. A good scarf is always needed on the airconditioned public transit of Chicago!

  96. I would get giant sunglass and put the scarf over my head, you know… getting that old classy look.

  97. Hi there!
    I love wearing a lightweight scarf in the mornings to ward off the early am chill. This scarf would be perfect with a summer dress for work or with a t & jeans for a coffee run. Thanx Joy!

  98. On a summer night, especially if I’m by the beach, I’d pull it out of my bag and wrap it around my neck to warm me up.

  99. I’ve been thinking about adding a scarf into some of my summer outfits, but I keep shying away from it, so I would probably start out by pairing it with a simple outfit like jeans and a white shirt.

  100. I could see using this scarf to help shield my baby from the sun on the beach, or in reality I could see my son playing with it and getting a little drool on it ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. I am a big fan of pairing a light scarf with solid color maxi dresses to give it a little something extra!

  102. I’d try it as a hair accessory/head covering when I’m running behind and don’t have time to shower. Of course, living in Seattle we can pretty much use scarves year-round !

  103. Summer hasn’t started here in Seattle yet. It’s still cloudy, cold, and rainy, so I’m still wearing scarves to keep my neck warm! Once the weather warms up, though, I could see this scarf doubling as a shawl over a simple sundress. Thanks!!

  104. Would love to wear this scarf with a t-shirt and skinny jeans. Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. I love the bag and the scarf. I would use the scarf to keep the chill of the AC off in my office and in my hair at the beach. Love!

  106. Depending on the size of this scarf, I might attempt to use tie it up as a headband or even sport it around my waist with skinny jeans and a tank. Thanks Joy!

  107. I always like to have a scarf when I go on the airplane because I can use it around my neck or as a blanket (since airplanes can get so chilly). Then when I get to my destination, I can use it as a wrap at the pool!

  108. White v-neck, high wasted dark washed jeans, bright Saltwaters, with the scarf tied on my head around a top-knot bun!

  109. a light scarf is the perfect travel accessory because you never know what the temperature will be on a plane!

  110. We recently finished restoration on our 1967 MGB Roadster – this summer weight scarf would be a chic way to keep my hair back while cruising around. And the fresh blue color matches the new paint job.

  111. I live in San Francisco – where sometimes we can eat Thanksgiving dinner outside, but need wool sweaters for July – and where light layers are the key to comfort. Even on sunny days, a scarf is sometimes necessary. I’d use that scarf in the “normal” wrap-around my neck way all year long…paired with some great basics, like jeans, a white tshirt and a blazer or bomber jacket.

  112. The summer evenings in Colorado are definitely cooler than the hot day time. It would be great to wrap around your shoulders when your out and about in the evening!

  113. I’d grab a scarf for laying on the beach in the evening, just as it’s getting cooler. Ahhh love summer!

  114. I would wear it on cool nights at the beach but it would probably be used more to shade my little baby from the sun.

  115. I would definitely tie that lovely scarf around my head while I’m at the pool. It would be the perfect accessory to keep my scalp from burning!

  116. We live in Seattle, so a lightweight scarf in the summer sounds perfect! It’s our first year here, so I’m still getting used to the idea of a not-blazing-hot summer (from Florida!) I’m very excited about it, but I’ll be best off if I’m prepared for a chilly breeze.

  117. Tying around a bag…genius! I had never thought of that, but I would certainly tie the scarf around the bag!

  118. I would use a lightweight scarf to cover my shoulders when visiting churches on my trip to Italy (no knees, cleavage, or shoulders allowed).

  119. Summer means beach and many scarves can double as coverups, sarongs, and skirts for some sun and sand time.

  120. I love to wear a scarf on my head in the summertime, especially when I’m at the beach or another windy place and need to keep my hair out of my face. I’m thinking this one would look perfect with my red bathing suit! ๐Ÿ™‚

  121. the scarf would be great on the purse during the day and on my neck at night… say at a beach bonfire ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. I agree that the summer months are a bit too hot for a scarf but I do love taking them with me to summer concerts because the night time tends to get a little chilly. And that bag is simply beautiful!

  123. I am taking a late summer trip to Paris and Sweden. These accessories would be fantasic. A good over the shoulder bag for easy use while traveling and a light pretty scarf for nice summer nights in europe. Tre Chic!

  124. The bag and scarf are both so cute! I would probably tie the scarf around my head as a hair accessory, or even wear it around my neck on a cooler day.

  125. I wear scarves a lot in the office since the AC is always on full blast! The bag would no doubt be filled with goldfish and other treats for my little one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  126. Since I largely work indoors, I could still rock a scarf in the summer. But realistically, the scarf will most likely wind up as my 4-mth old daughters plaything, because doesn’t everything?

  127. Everyone needs a scarf in the summer to deal with the frigid air conditioning. Winter is warmer!

  128. This scarf is a great size for a beach cover-up or head scarf to tie in a bow on top. Adorable!

  129. being pregnant this summer- try to make my beachy look really cute so i forget how big my tummy is. i’d use this scarf as a coverup over my bump (tied in front)! love this scarf joy,thanks for the post!

  130. I would wear it many different ways, with a tee-shirt and jeans, tied to my bag, over a dress, etc

  131. Scarves are great to use in the place of light cardigans, at the movies or mall, or wherever there’s a bit too much AC.
    Both of these pieces are beautiful. Thank you!

  132. Oh CUTEness! the bag and scarf= perfect travel ensemble. Bag for keeping all travel essentials & toddler gear hidden chic-ly, and scarf to dress up my jeans, sandals & white tee travel uniform! amazing!

  133. I would wear the scarf like a headband/head scarf! i love doing it during the summer because it keeps my bangs out of my face! thanks for the chance to win (:

  134. What a lovely giveaway! I don’t know if I can pull it off by I like tying a scarf around my head when I’m headed to the beach — very old Hollywood! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Carol S

  135. I love the look of scarves tied to handbags. It gives it an instant pop of color and contributes to your outfit without adding extra heat- important for us here in Austin. Another cute way to style it is to use it as a 50’s style head-band. Cute and keeps the sun off your head.

  136. I’d do a simple outfit – a white v neck with skinny jeans or shorts with this scarf!

  137. I wear scarfs with shorts shorts and a t-shirt – put the scarf around my neck to cover up that sunburn I always seem to have (even with SPF 50)

  138. I love to wear my kinky hair in huge waves. I’d adorn my crown with this scarf to give flavor to my bright white jeans!

  139. The scarf would be perfect for keeping warm while catching an outdoor movie at the Forever Forever Cemetery this summer!

  140. In the summer I love to tie a lightweight scarf to whatever bag I’m carrying so that when I inevitably end up in an overly air conditioned environment I have something to throw over my shoulders…

  141. it’ll be perfect to use it as a belt ๐Ÿ™‚ or just as a normal scarf, my favorite way.

  142. God I love that bag… I work by the beach, so it’s often breezy and cooler here than it is inland. I wear scarves all year long. There’s nothing better than a tshirt, sandals and a lightweight patterned scarf!

  143. I think it would be so cute to tie a colorful scarf around the waist of a black linen summer dress. Great giveaway!

  144. San Francisco’s summers are cool and foggy so light scarves are a must around these parts! You’ll never find me without one slung around my bag’s handle. When vacationing elsewhere I take along my summer scarves to double as wraps around my waist on the beach.
    (And SWOON, I love this tote!!)

  145. I’d wear it with jeans and a tee. Scarves are totally wearable in SF during our non- sweltering summer.

  146. I would use this scarf when I travel for my new job – it can double as a blanket with the plane gets chilly and make my outfit look put together easily!

  147. I do lots of plane travel for work – this scarf is the perfect accessory for flying. It will spice up a basic travel outfit and provide an added layer for warmth in the chill of the airport or plane cabin.

  148. I am big fan of scarves and this one is just so pretty with its colors and stripes. It would be perfect with a tee and jeans in summer!

  149. Tying a scarf to a bag is always a fun summery way to wear a scarf… and in the south where I’m from, you’d be a fool to actually *wear* a scarf in the summerโ€”TOO HOT! … but if I lived somewhere that had milder summers, I’d definitely wear it normally, or as a belt or hair accessory.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  150. i live in the SF bay area so i actually wear a scarf most evenings, so i could tie around my bag during the day (like i did this morning) and then wear it when the sun goes down.

  151. Probably wear with white tee and skinnies! Fill bag up with magazines and iPad!

  152. I would wear the scarf with a cute dress and sandals, or jean shorts and a white t-shirt.Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  153. So adorable! I would use the scarf as a fun, summery belt with a pair of paper bag shorts!
    Love it tied to the bag!

  154. Living in LA near the beach it still gets chilly in the summer time at night. So during the warm day I would have my scarf tied around my bag, but then could easily put it on for a little extra warmth in the evening!

  155. Love the scarf! It would definitely be perfect for around my shoulders on cool summer nights.

  156. I work at an outdoor film festival in the summer, so I always have a scarf on hand for when the temperature drops, but sometimes I use it as an impromptu hood to protect myself during unexpected rain showers!

  157. I can always use a new bag. Much to the dismay of my husband. What a wonderful lightweight scarf for summer nights!

  158. Scarves are so versatile! I’d hang the scarf above my daytime picnic for some shade from the sun and at night use it as the perfect romantic summer shawl.

  159. I’d use the scarf either to tie my hair back, wear it as a belt or a bracelet! The possibilities are endless!

  160. I would knot the scarf and wear it like a long necklace. Paired with a simple tank and shorts.

  161. i tend to be pretty predictable and like to wrap scarves around my neck… especially when my office AC is chilling me to the bones! thanks for this opportunity!

  162. i’d pair it with a white tank and a denim button-up tea-length skirt! and probably a bike, too. summer perfection.

  163. I’d tie the scarf around my neck during a leisurely bike ride to the beach on a warm afternoon.

  164. This scarf would be perfect for a chilly summer evening on the beach with friend! I would pair it with a pair of jeans, a tank and a zip up hoodie… the scarf would definitely dress up my outfit!

  165. I… have never worn a scarf before.
    I would probably wear it with a tunic and jeans… or a summer dress on the beach at night

  166. Love this look! I’m in San Francisco where the summer can be COLD, so a scarf is a must. I would tie this striped scarf in a large bow around my neck (and to the side) while wearing a classic little black dress with a low back for a night on the town. My hair in an up-do, of course, to show off the beautiful scarf.

  167. I’d drape the scarf loose around my shoulders with a chambray shirt dress. It can warm up a summer outfit indoors. It can tie around the fold over tote bag when outdoors. ๐Ÿ™‚

  168. I’d wear mine with jeans and a tee to the farmers market early before it warms ups.

  169. I love wearing scarfs like this in the summer time! It’s a great addition to a casual night time outfit in LA, since it can actually get pretty chilly. I’d love to pair it with white jeans and a summer army jacket.

  170. I’d wrap it over my straw hat to help shield my face from the sun on the beach.

  171. I would definitely use this scarf as a headband during the summer and pair it with my aviators for a day at the park ๐Ÿ™‚

  172. I love wearing light scarves like A-thread’s to perk up my usual jeans and t-shirt uniform. It’s a easy way to incorporate color.

  173. Since we live in the Bay Area where the weather changes incredibly quickly, more than one good scarf of mine has become an impromptu baby blanket. I feel slightly less guilty if the scarf happens to match my daughter’s clothes that day!

  174. I love tying a scarf around my head to keep their hair out of my face on the beach. It also prevents my scalp from being burnt! Who knew looking so fashionable could also be good for you?

  175. I love to wear a scarf over a plain white tee in the summer. It’s also nice to have when the air conditioning is too cold at work. Thanks for the giveaway!

  176. It’s perfect to have handy for when the sun sets and it gets cold! If it’s hot I’d use it to tie up my hair.

  177. great giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚ love the scarf and bag. aside from using this bag idea, i would wear it like normal around my neck. i get cold so easily – even in the summertime!

  178. Elligington makes wonderfully practical bags. I’ve been dying to try a turban for summer. This looks like the perfect scarf to try with.

  179. I’d wear that scarf to work since it’s freezing in here in the summertime! It would brighten up any outfit.

  180. I love carrying a scarf with me in the summer as it makes for a great emergency blanket for the baby when needed. And it’s a great way to hide food stains on your blouse if your little on is rambunctious during lunch.

  181. I love wearing scarves in the summer. They’re perfect for late nights when it (hopefully!) starts to cool down. I always keep one in my bag during the summer either to wrap around my shoulder, or use as a little makeshift picnic blanket!

  182. I’d stuff the bag full of snacks, wrap the scarf around my neck, and camp out in the dark of the movie theatre (it’s always nice and chilly in there!).

  183. I would love to win both the bag and the scarf! I would wear them for a cool summer night out with a sun dress.

  184. I would wrap this beautiful scarf around my baby and shield her from the hot AZ sun ๐Ÿ™‚

  185. I would wear my scarf as a headband in the summer. It’s cute, simple, and stylish.

  186. Wrap the scarf around my wrist a few times…a little color and texture!

  187. If I’m wearing a particularly bland skirt, or when I want the illusion of the waistband being higher, I flatten the scarf around my waist and tie a bow in the back (kind of like a bustle?). It also helps hide a little muffin top/squeeze around the waist.

  188. I like it on a purse and I am usually cold in restaurants so I could take it off and wear it over my shoulders. Double duty ๐Ÿ™‚

  189. I’d wear it in London when we go to see the Olympics- it’s the perfect way to show USA pride while still being chic!

  190. Thanks Joy! I love scarves.. And living in Houston it’s a commitment to spot a scarf all year long. I love wearing them only because you can change your look throughout the day multiple times! Not to mention to keep the sun directly off you in the summer! Looks like this one is light weight enough for summer time & the colors are perfect for this seasons wardrobe!

  191. I have long hair so I’d use a scarf like this as a headband and let the ends trail down underneath.

  192. Love that bag and scarf. I still wear scarves in summer if it’s not incredibly hot but always carry one because of the chilly subways or classrooms when I’m teaching. One like this would be perfect for me!

  193. besides wearing it artfully tied around my neck, i might use it to carry some fruit home from the farmer’s market after work, furoshiki-style.

  194. Love both of these items! A Thread is so great.
    I like to wear thinner scarves in my hair – helps tame it fast and still look girly!
    Thanks for the chance!

  195. I actually use scarves year-round; in the summer, I often tie it to my purse the way you do it here, and in the evenings, when it gets chilly, I’d take it off my purse and use it as a wrap; other times, I’d use it as a pareo at the beach. I love the functionality of scarves; I’ve also used it as a blanket in the car or the plane.

  196. I would take it to the beach! This would make a great sarong, should cover, or tie on the beach bag. And the folding tote would hold all my goodies!

  197. Love the idea of putting this scarf on this bag. Another way I’d wear this ever so summery scarf is with a tank top and color denim capris for cooler, windy summer nights here in Chicago for a light cover up that still is appropriate for the season.

  198. I cycle a lot and it’s always a bit on the chilly side in the mornings here in Boston. I wear a lightweight scarf and later in the day, I wear it around my neck, just keep the ends hanging, not wrapped around my neck. I love tossing a summerweight scarf around my shoulders at the beach, after getting out of the water…the bag is a bit on the dark side for my taste. Tying the scarf on is a nice way to lighten up the look.

  199. so cute! i’d wear it around my neck – i love to wear plain tops/dresses and pair it with scarves to pick up the whole look.

  200. I like the idea of using the scarf to counter summer humidity by using it as a hair accessory ๐Ÿ™‚ Pretty and functional, just like the tote and scarf!

  201. What a pretty bag and scarf! It gets pretty chilly at night in Washington in the summertime, so I would bring it along as a cute lightweight shawl!

  202. I keep meaning to figure out a good and secure way to tie a scarf around my hair, so I think I would be the first thing I would try if I were lucky enough to win this giveaway!

  203. I love a light scarf in the summertime to wear paired with a dress and hung loosely around your neck and then when you go inside where it’s cold (like at work) you can use it over your shoulders as a shawl.

  204. I would pair the scarf with a white tank – it’ll come in handy for when the ac is blasting.

  205. I’d use it as a head scarf to keep my hair out of my face on sticky summer days. Thanks for the giveaway!

  206. I love that bag! And the scarf brings great color!
    I almost always have a scarf with me to wear in cold movie theaters or in my air-conditioned office. I too think it’s perfect attached to the bag for a spice of color and easy access!

  207. A light scarf and a white or black v neck is my absolute favorite summer look! Ive also seen scarves wrapped around the head and worked into a braid for a very cool creative look!

  208. I just booked a trip to Istanbul. The scarf would make a perfect head covering for the mosques and the bag is the ideal size for travel.

  209. We always have June gloom this time of year, so it’s always chilly in the morning. Having a light scarf is perfect for keeping the neck warm in the a.m., and then as the day gets warmer, hanging it loose around the neck for added color!

  210. I’m tote-ally addicted to scarves, bags and your blog!
    In the summer, I like to use a scarf in my hair. It looks especially cute as a bow for a ponytail. Thanks for the giveaway!

  211. Beautiful items! I have always worn lightweight scarves in my hair. So fun and vintage, yet modern, feeling.

  212. I love to drape my lightweight scarf on my baby stroller for quick sun protection. I also love it as a shawl on a cool summer night.

  213. I’d tie it in a circle (makeshift circle scarf) and wear it over a strapless sundress. I love cute sundresses but I’m not always brave enough to show all of my shoulders.

  214. I’d love this scarf with a plain white tee and jean shorts! That bag is fab too :] thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  215. I ALWAYS carry a thin scarf during the summer because of the AC in stores, restaurants and buses! I’d loosely wrap it around my neck and wear it with the a summery dress and the bag. Both are perfect for my commute to/from work on the bus! Thanks for the giveaway!

  216. This bag is perfect for carrying a small laptop! And it can also be used for travel when it’s upright. I think I’m going to have to buy it. As for the scarf — I feel like a woman can never have too many scarves. You can change the same outfit with a different one!

  217. I live in Austin where it’s HOT and I have big curly hair, so I love letting my hair dry naturally and then wrapping a long scarf around my head as a headband!

  218. Love adding a scarf to a summer bag, it’s the perfect pop of color! I also like to tie my hair back and get my bangs off my forehead with a smaller scale scarf when its unbearable hot. Perfect for at the beach!

  219. I’d probably just use it as a scarf because I’m boring. Or I guess you could call it “classic”?!

  220. I would wear the scarf as a belt with a white t shirt , black blazer, and colored jeans.

  221. i love the scarf tied on the bag! but i could also see it in my hair as a headband

  222. I am one of the cold people so I would use the scarf to warm myself.. Beautiful scarf and bag! Love everyones ideas…

  223. Oh, scarfs are summer essentials here in the deep south, it’s steamy outside, but always over-airconditioned inside. I always carry a scarf and this one would be divine.

  224. OOH! I would pair this with my fave Splendid maxi dress and a denim jacket or with some white denim and a cute tank.

  225. I live in San Francisco and summer days are often chilly here. That scarf and bag would look great with my summer coat (a baby blue peacoat).

  226. I would use the scarf as a makeshift cardigan. In the summertime I have a tendency of forgetting something for my rides on public transportation which can be somewhat chilly. lol

  227. I’ve been using scarfs to cover my hair while riding in the convertible this summer!

  228. I love the scarf on the bag! Such a fun way to deck out your purse. I love wearing scarves with my sleeveless shirts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  229. since my office is freeeeezing all the time, light weight scarves are my go to accessory! and this one is gorgeous! plus that bag is super office friendly, but still cute enough for everyday casual adventures.

  230. I’d use it at nighttime or when I go to restaurants or the movies, where it gets cold.

  231. I still wear scarves in the summer…but this would also be a very good headscarf for fizzy beach hair days.

  232. My husband and I drive a scooter, instead of taking a car, for date night. It’s usually too warm during the date for a jacket, but the rides can be a little chilly, so we are always shivering! I would use this scarf to wrap around my husbands neck to keep my driver warm as I snuggle up behind him. He would love the stripes, the colors, and the gesture!

  233. I would definitely use this scarf on chilly summer nights, white tank with a grey cardigan and this beautiful scarf. Love the bag too, would love to pack it full of everyday essentials.

  234. this scarf would be perfect to use as a headband! nothing better than keeping your hair in place and also being resourceful with your wardrobe.

  235. I always have light-weight scarves around in the summer. I get sunburned very easily so I would love to have this beautiful scarf to cover up.

  236. nebraska gets pretty humid, but the evenings can still be nice and cool ๐Ÿ™‚ i’d wear it with a long tank, skinnies, and flats, or with cut-offs and a v-neck, or with a little belted dress and chunky sandals. ๐Ÿ™‚

  237. I love the idea of tying it to a handbag, but also could see usin it as a sarong or head wrap in the summer! ๐Ÿ™‚

  238. I love adding a scarf to a simple tee and blazer, it dresses the look up and is easy to wear to work or for an evening out.

  239. Nothing better than a scarf at the beach. Throw it over your shoulders for a little extra sun coverage.

  240. I’m one of those people who is always cold, so I’d use the scarf as a scarf (yes, even in the summer).
    Super cute bag and scarf! Thanks for the giveaway!

  241. I’d wear that scarf with my everyday uniform: bright tank, bootcut jeans, and wedges. I also LOVE that scarf on that bag!

  242. I live in San Francisco and I would love to wear the scarf around my neck to stay warm during our chilly summers.

  243. what a brilliantly designed, dynamic bag! and it’s no secret i love colorful airy scarves, even in the height of summer. thanks for this giveaway, Joy, Ellington, and A-Thread!

  244. I’m always sunburning my head (the trouble for us gingers) so I’d wear it as a headwrap.

  245. i would love to wear it with my white jeans, white t, and my pink wedges… oooh, i hope it get to!

  246. We have a Jeep and in the summer the top stays off…permanently. I tie scarves around my head to save my hair from being windblown to shreds. I have a few different techniques that all leave me looking bohemian-chic.

  247. It seems crazy to carry a scarf around in the Texas summer, but every place is freezing indoors!

  248. This scarf would make an amazingly chic wrapped turban to hide the summer frizzies after a day at the beach!

  249. Ooooh, these are lovely! I love traveling with scarves – they can spice up any outfit, and are awesome to have in your bag on planes when it suddenly becomes freezing and you need to wrap up – a perfect little scarfy blanket!

  250. It’s pretty warm in Austin, so restaurants and bars usually have the air conditioning cranked. I love to cover my often-bare shoulders with a pretty scraf when I’m out for dinner or drinks.

  251. I always keep one in my scarf for airconditioned places. Scarves are so lightweight that it’s not too bulky in the bag either.

  252. 2 words – head. scarf. Keeping the hair pretty, while blocking off that pesky summer sweat!

  253. Ooh I love both Ellington and A-Thread!! I would wear tie the scarf up as a turban and wear it with a simple summer outfit!

  254. Scarfs have been my staple this summer. What better way to hide your hickey, eh?
    1) I love to wear the scarf around my neck like Clint Eastwood, especially when I wearing a deep neck tee and I am not in a mood to show off my considerable assets.
    2) I also love wearing my scarf instead of my belt (through the loops and all) of my pants.
    3) And who can forget the “bad hair day” remedy of tying a colorful scarf on your hair with a bee-hive?
    These are the three ways I style my scarf on a regular basis!

  255. love the scraf and bag! I would wear a simple white tank with a black maxi skirt and drape the scraf around my neck. simple!

  256. I would use the scarf as an accessory around my neck to bring out my beautiful eye color during countless dates with my husband!!

  257. The bright colors of the scarf are perfect for tying around your waist with your swimsuit while lounging by the pool or as a head wrap to protect your hair against the suns rays and keeping your hair out of your face. Also perfect to use as a belt with my new white jeans. so many options with scarves in the summer I am almost always wearing one or have one tied around my bag!

  258. They are both beautiful. I got hooked on scarves when I was living in France I while back and now I wear one every day. It is a great way to cover up, accessorize and beautify an outfit. I also use it as an impromptu picnic blanket from time to time!

  259. To pull back long, thick, ugh-it’s-too-hot hair into a keep-cool ponytail. Add a little retro flair to summer style!

  260. I love that tote! And the scarf only makes it prettier! I agree that the hot weather steers me away from scarves in the summer, but I could definitely use a cute one to cover my inevitably sunburned shoulders after too much sun time at the beach!

  261. I love having scarves with me to throw around my neck or shoulders when I go indoors. It’s usually 90’s in the summer here but I am freezing when I step into most buildings!

  262. I would dress up a simple outfit like a white tank and jeans, or depending on how big the scarf is, wear it in my hair!

  263. I love tying a scarf on my purse so I can use it as a shawl when the sun goes down or an umbrella when it unexpectedly starts raining. They also make great belts for loose, summer dresses!

  264. Very pretty scarf…I’d use the scarf as a belt with my favorite khakis or denim capris.

  265. I work in a hospital which is usually FREEZING so I’d wear it with my normal cardigan, blouse, and skinnies. Thanks!!

  266. i love to tie mine on my bag to use when the sun gets too intense and i need to shade my face or head. a hat is no good for your hair, but a scarf is perfect!

  267. I love tying big scarves around my hair, especially in the summer to keep my hair off my face!

  268. In my opinion these beautiful bags and scarves are the best work combo! It may be warm outside, but the office is still chilly. I’d wear my scarf in the office and tie it around my bag at lunch or after hours. This bag is also a great size for all of my work needs. Love!

  269. I think I would have to go with scarf as a headband or as an accessory for work. Our office gets quite cold… Thanks for sharing!

  270. Living in Seattle means I’d still need the scarf in the summer, but hopefully paired with a jean jacket and a striped skirt!

  271. A lightweight scarf is so great to have in the summer! I would wear it with a tee and jeans to a movie on date night, in my hair to the pool, and tie it on my bag for brunch with the girls!

  272. I’m in SF so I always have a scarf with me. Also, sometimes my outfits are boring and the only thing interesting I am wearing is a bright scarf. Love these!

  273. Scarves are also incredibly convenient when your office is freezing (even in the summer)! I happen to be wearing one right now! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  274. What a cute scarf and bag! I would wear this scarf as a headscarf to hold my hair back on windy summer days.

  275. Scarves are my solution for frizzy summer hair. I make a wide headband out of it, then tie the back with my hair into a big ponytail.

  276. I keep a scarf in my bag all the time! It’s cold in the office and I love to hand one on hand w/ me. Love this one!

  277. With a maxi dress, scarves are perfect when my nights are spent at baseball practices.

  278. I’d pair it with a white tank and some pastel jeans. Perfect for the first day of summer in LA!

  279. for me, you know you’re doing something right when you’ve put various colors together. I’m a big fan of brights and pastel combinations right now so I think this scarf paired with peach pants and a loose white button down would be perfectly pulled together with that satchel. some yellow flats and bracelets would add another kick. cheers to summer!

  280. Ooo, I love blue and orange together. I would wear it at the beach as a coverup. Thank you so much!

  281. I’d love to wear this scarf on my bag outside in the Texas sun, and around my shoulders in the cool air conditioning at work!

  282. While I love the scarf with bag combo….it looks like the perfect head scarf for a day at the beach! Love them both.

  283. I have a knee length natural linen sheath that I love for summer. I like to take a long scarf and use it as a low slung belt on the sheath. It is easy to wear and the color is a pop on the natural color of the linen.

  284. i love the colors on the scarf — i would wear it w/ a white tee or white tank, i do like the idea of wearing it in my hair and i’m really liking it paired w/ that bag too!

  285. I like the bag and scarf combo, and I have been getting into hair scarves lately, so I might try it with an updo!

  286. I’d wrap it around my head, throw on some massive sunglasses and find the nearest Vespa!

  287. I would use a pretty scarf to tie back my hair or to wrap around my shoulders in a chilly restaurant. I love scarves all year round!!

  288. Seattle can still be cool in the summer so I’d likely use it on my neck or maybe to shade my baby in the stroller or carrier while out on a walk.

  289. I love wearing a light colorful scarf around my neck and I’m always cold anyway. But, if it was TOO hot, I would wear it as a belt or tie it on my bag. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  290. I Love this, Joy. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would wear it on my bag until the office AC got too cold, at which point it would become a summer necessity! xo!

  291. i love a scarf with a tank…or as a head wrap at the pool to protect my hair. ๐Ÿ™‚

  292. A day at the beach! Wrap the scarf around your head, and toss a few bottles of water into the bag.

  293. Oh my! I spent so much time at both sites that I almost forgot to come back and enter your contest!

  294. I work in an air conditioned office building and am always looking for something to take the chill off. I’d loop it around my neck and brighten my day.

  295. I wear a scarf everyday on the train in to work. The funkier the colors, the better.

  296. I would use the scarf on my bag to/from work and then wear it on my neck or shoulders in the over-airconditioned NYC subway and my over-airconditioned NY office!

  297. I adore Ellington handbags! And this scarf is just lovely. I’d use it as a headband to keep my hair off my neck in this 100 degree NYC heat!

  298. I love scarves in the summer too! Aside from tying around the neck, I also like to wear a scarf on my head (protects from the summer elements). Thanks for the giveaway!

  299. I love how the scarf looks on the bag! I would either tie it into my hair, use it as a shawl for the beach, or use it as a furoshiki to tie up summer treats for my friends.

  300. I love tying scarves to my crossbody bags for a pop of color! I’d also tie one around my head to keep my hair in check on a boat or in a convertible in the summer.

  301. Who doesn’t love a great light weight scarf for summer? Not to mention I love a folding bag- it seems to be all I carry anymore- they’re so versatile!!

  302. Awesome giveaway!! I would use the scarf as a headband or a belt. love love love!

  303. I’d love to try the scarf-as-headband; I’ve seen a lot of really cool ways to do that for a while.

  304. i like wearing light scarves around my neck even when it’s warm… and it’s nice to keep them nearby for summer nights when the breeze kicks in ๐Ÿ™‚

  305. I love tying scarves on my bags as they’re always handy when the a/c is on too high! This one is just lovely – I might even wear it as a belt to dress up a simple navy dress. Thanks for the giveaway!

  306. I’d surely play peek-a-boo at the beach with my little girl with such a pretty scarf. or wrap up my hair at the end of a long beach day. or let the other little girl play dress up. I hope I win….

  307. I love wearing summer scarves in my hair. It makes me feel very vintage Hollywood. ๐Ÿ™‚

  308. I get cold easily (even in socal) so I would probably keep it on the bag during the daytime, and use it as an extra layer in the evening.
    Scarves are also handy when you are traveling in places that are hot (like Thailand) but need to cover up your shoulders when you enter the temples.

  309. I love scarves! This one would be great as a light accessory when traveling, as well as keeping my throat covered on long flights. Thanks for the chance to win!

  310. So nice to have a lightweight scarf like this to drape over your shoulders in the evening if you are out to dinner and the the sun sets.

  311. This scarf would be super cute as a poolside/beach coverup tied around the waist. I love this tote. I’ve been really into taking random film pictures, so I’d fill it up with my “of the moment” cameras!

  312. I LOVE this gorgeous scarf (and bag)! I would throw that scarf in my hair and hit the beach! ๐Ÿ™‚

  313. I’ve always loved the look of tying a scarf to a bag. Love the color it adds! You could also use the scarf as a belt in the summer time

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