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15 courses of sushi heaven in {glendale}…




A few weeks ago, we bid farewell to my friend Autumn and her family as they head to Hawaii for work. Since we both had babies within the last year or so, we're still catching up on all the sushi we missed during our pregnancy and decided to visit Sushi Nishi-ya in Glendale for omakase-style sushi. If you've never had omakase before, it basically means "chef's choice" and each course comes out based on what the chef thinks you'd enjoy. While they'll take into account if there's anything you don't eat, they make it clear that the more you're open to, the better your experience will be. We eat pretty much everything, and I love being able to leave the decision-making up to someone else. You also get to decide when to stop. So you could have 4 courses or 30. Here's a little sampling of 9 of the 15 courses we had. I was so, so full, but really so content afterwards. It's such a fun meal to enjoy with friends as you delight in what will come next… — Joy

{iphone photos by Oh Joy}


  1. I just doscoeverd your blog and I looove it. Especially since I finally wanna start to cook more and better 😉 and you have so wonderful food recipes! GREETINGS FROM GERMANY

  2. These pictures are making me hungry! I like the adventure of omakase (give me what’s fresh and what you like making!) Yes, I definitely need some sushi this week…


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