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the coolest bicycle ever…



Before we moved to a hilly part of LA, I used to enjoy riding my bike in Coronado {where we lived for a year before moving to LA}. The streets were wide, the land was flat, and it was just fun and easy to ride around on. Now that we're in a hilly area, it's nearly impossible to ride around without the feeling that my lungs might fall out of my body. So, when I came across this new electric bike by Faraday {which is being developed in San Francisco where hills reign supreme}, it really struck a chord with me.


Not only is the design pretty amazing {um, hello leather and wood mixed with white and mint green accents!}, but it's electric to help give you a boost up hills and has a really useful utility basket up front. You've gotta see this video that shows it in action. And while it's pricey for a bike, if you live in a city where a bike is your only mode of transportation, it seems like a really functional and beautiful option. — Joy

{photos by Faraday}


  1. im in love I’m in love and i don’t care who knows it!! this is the most gorgeous bike that ever did grace the planet. i want one so so badly!! Thats the ultimate set of college wheels!
    Love your blog! you are one of my favorites! if you have time someday could you possibly give me a couple tips on blog design and such! much appreciated! thank you!

  2. This is beautiful in both design and concept, but I would have to wonder how I could stand to ride it anywhere. I would be so afraid of theft and also what it if got (gasp!) dirt on it?!
    I know there are plenty of similarly priced bikes out there though, how do people secure them without developing an ulcer??

  3. Ever since graduating from college I have missed riding my bike so much. This on looks like the perfect grown up version of the beach cruiser I used to have. The little flat basket is great and the leather touches look so classic.
    Stay in the Lines

  4. Wow- awesome bike! I just visited California and I can see how that would be needed in such hilly areas! I live in the flat of Texas right now. Not my favorite place – would love to live in Colorado!

    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following…I hope you follow me also:)
    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration…check out my new post:)
    Have a great week.
    LOVE Maria at


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