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You might know that I have a weakness for sweet treats. I probably have the sweetest tooth of anyone I know. However, the one thing savory thing I really crave every now and then has got to be potato chips. I know you might be thinking…"You're going to tell us about potato chips?" Yes! Because these aren't just any potato chips, they're spicy pickle potato chips by McClure's…and if you like tangy, vinegary flavors like me {or simply if you're pregnant}, these are the best. I eat them by the handful. It's like a spicy pickle and a potato chip made a baby. Enough said. — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. Mmm, the garlic and dill flavor is delicious too, as are the actual pickles. I love that I can find them anywhere in Detroit. Has anyone tried McClure’s bloody mary mix?

  2. I love crazy flavor potato chips! Have you ever tried a potato chip cookie? I just made some last week from Martha Stewart. Pretty darn good.

  3. Hi Lauren, I’m a fan of McClure’s bloody mary mix. It’s totally savory with an intensely spicy and vinegary kick. It’s my go to mix if I’m not making it myself & totally worth the price tag.

  4. Hi Megan,
    I see them at upscale delis usually, but weird it doesnt say on their site. You could probably email them to ask!


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