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my splendid summer {part 3}…



One of my go-to things to do on the weekend is to visit the Hollywood Farmer's Market on Sunday mornings. It's my favorite market in Los Angeles not only because of the mix of fresh food and flowers vendors, but the variety of local and ethnic food stands, too. I love coming to shop for my weekly groceries and then having a street-food style lunch {I like to get a little of each from a few different places}.

My new favorite vendor at the market is the floral stand by Silver Lake Farms. I like to call them "not your grocery store flowers" because they have the most amazing blooms here that you'd never find at your local supermarket…like giant dahlias and wildflowers that looked plucked from the French countryside. For visiting the Farmer's Market, I layered a denim jacket {I'm finally starting to feel like they're back!} over a light cotton dress and topped it all with a few vintage accessories for a little extra sumthin'. And, then when I got home, this is what I did with the flowers… — Joy

ps. see part 1 and part 2 of my favorite things to do this summer…and outtakes from the series right here

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang for Oh Joy + Splendid. My farmer's market outfit: Splendid* dress, Madewell denim shirt, vintage belt (similar), vintage brooches (similar). All outfits are things from my actual wardrobe that I've combined with some of my favorite Splendid* pieces. You can find a recap of all clothing shown on my Splendid Summer Pinterest board.}


  1. Love that look! I’ve been experimenting with flowers this summer, usually I stick to whites or single color blooms but I have been trying to be more brave!

  2. Love this. Seriously since I’m a now a bay area dweller I am totally homesick for LA since it used to be my local area. I miss visiting those markets.
    – Sarah

  3. Such a cute series! I love your “this week’s farmer’s market flowers” posts – I’m still thinking about that amazing, pale pink dahlia!

  4. Such a gorgeous outfit, the colours in the dress are lovely! I’ve been looking for the perfect denim jacket/shirt… oh when will we have Madewell in the UK?!

  5. love that dress! thanks for getting me
    acquainted with the splendid line 🙂
    i purchased that same Madewell shirt
    while in Boston + wear it as a lil jacket
    all the time…loves it!

  6. you should really talk to tara @ silver lake farms to learn the background on her farm. i think you’d enjoy her story + appreciate her even more once you hear it 🙂
    though her stand is new to the hollywood farmer’s market it was at the silver lake farmer’s market every saturday for many years until her neighbors complained about her sweet farm + she was forced to tear down + destroy everything (+ yes all the flowers – this was a few months prior to my wedding which she was supplying flowers for!). she’s one of the pioneers in changing the laws so that we are able to sell plants + food grown in our own private land in LA (think forage + the problems they initially had). anyway – she’s a great person + one of the important ppl in LA + i hope everyone continues to support her work!

  7. Oh do you have a close-up of the belt? It looks like I one I picked up at a vintage store a couple months ago, but can’t for the life of me style it properly!


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