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A few weeks ago, I attended the Mom, Inc. book party here in LA. The authors Cat Seto and Meg Ilasco {along with guest Bonnie Tsang} had a Q&A about the juggle/balance of having your own business and being a mom. I found the talk to be honest, intimate, and so inspiring…and I couldn't help but think so many of the messages apply even if you're not a mom but simply pursuing a new career, a new business, or something for yourself {outside of your family} to feel passionate about. So, I love these quotes pulled from the book…just some great little words of wisdom I hope you're all appreciate too…a couple more below… — Joy



  1. Such great sentiments! They really do apply to all areas of life. It’s so important to remember to be yourself.
    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  2. These are all so perfect! I bought the book, and it’s super inspiring. It sits on my desk so it’s within reach on days when you just need a little pep talk or some motivation/inspiration.

  3. Oh, I bet that Q&A was so inspirational. Thanks for sharing these wise words and information about the book. (I wasn’t aware of the new book.) Off to go check it out…

  4. I SO needed these today, thanks for posting Joy! I feel like those quotes were literally (even though they weren’t 🙂 crafted just for me, right at this very moment! Couldn’t have come at a better time! Off to go get my copy!


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