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my splendid summer {part 1}…



Even though it may seem like we experience warm temperatures year-round in Los Angeles, there is still an extra special summer feeling we get here. Maybe it's the extra sultry heat, maybe it's the smell of the air, or maybe it's that little nudge that we should enjoy the outdoors more or take a little vacation. I love enjoying all of the outdoor and summer activities LA has to offer that make this season so special.

So it was perfectly fitting to join forces with the LA-based clothing company, Splendid {you know that company that makes those super soft striped tees}, for a 4-part series about my favorite things to do in the summer. For the next four days, I'll be sharing some of my favorite summertime things to do in LA and what I'd wear while there…all leading up to a fun summer contest with a HUGE prize being announced on Thursday {the biggest one I've ever done}.


So for part one, it's all about hanging out by a pool. We don't have a pool of our own so the next best thing is to grab lunch, meet up with friends, or take a little dip wherever I can find one. One of my favorites in Los Angeles is at the Avalon Hotel—it's a a bit old Hollywood and one of the coolest place to have a business meeting. For an afternoon poolside, I combined a simple striped tank tucked into a summery skirt with pops of neon for a light and lovely ensemble. Where do you guys cool off near you? Poolside, beachside, lakeside? — Joy

…to be continued…

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang for Oh Joy + Splendid. My pool outfit: Splendid* striped tank, Madewell neon belt, Anthropologie neon skirt, By Boe long necklace, Maya Brenner letter necklace, striped clutch by J.Crew, vintage Anne Taylor heels (similar). All outfits are things from my actual wardrobe that I've combined with some of my favorite Splendid* pieces. You can find a recap of all clothing shown on my Splendid Summer Pinterest board.}


  1. very fun series … love the colors in these photos {the clothing, the cabanas!} … I just moved to Miami from Colorado. In Colorado, pools are not a big thing and not that many people have them. Now in Miami, I get to enjoy not only the ocean but an abundance of pools as well!

  2. Love love love that outfit. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for the week. Splendid is one of my favorite brands for basics.
    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  3. Not sure if you’ve covered this before, I’m been dying to know what lipcolor and blush you use? The colors look great on you! Love your blog!

  4. Love those awesome pool cubby holes (cabanas? Whatevs). Need to convince my husband we can put one in at our house to open up to the garden. I love living in LA with the ability to have great indoor/outdoor spaces.

  5. I have loved the blog for many years and will always check in, but the move towards the corporate/commercial is a bummer. But how does anything indie survive in this corporation-dominated world in which we live? I have noticed the blog has become more corporate….I guess that’s progress, no?
    Disclaimer: I work for a publicly-traded biotech, so I am part of the problem. What is the solution?

  6. whoa that brick is painted similar to ferm living’s remix wallpaper pattern. I did a double take when i saw it as we have it up in our nursery. Very cool! and love your choice of outfit to compliment. well done.

  7. Hi Alice,
    Thanks for your note. Im sorry to hear you feel that way. Every blog is out there aims to provide their point of view or share what they love with the world. My blog will always be a place where I share things that I love and inspire me with whomever I am lucky enough to have as a reader. I have never and will never post something simply because I have been paid to do so. And even when it comes to banner ads, I only work with brands who I think are the best fit for me and my readers.
    I have begun to form collaborations with some brands who I love to put together new content that I hope my readers will find compelling, inspiring, fun, and take away something that can benefit their own lives in some way. However, all of these collaborations are chosen very carefully and only with brands or companies that I truly enjoy and believe in. And, they make up a small portion of my posts, not all of them.
    Please remember that those of us who blog for living are providing free content to readers. We support our ability to maintain our sites and continue to create unique content with various forms of ads and/or sponsored collaborations. While you may see that as becoming corporate or commercial, I see it as a chance to create new types of content that I couldnt otherwise create on my own.Its ironic that people pay for magazine subscriptions and see it as totally normal that they have ads or advertorials. Yet blog content is completely free and bloggers get criticized for working with brands in the same way to help support the site so that readers can continue to enjoy it at no cost.
    Again, I appreciate your honesty and your note. I hope youll stay along as a reader, but if not, thanks for reading my blog for however long you have been.

  8. So I’ve been searching for a feminin piece of clothing with a subtle hint of yellow neon to go with my neon yellow zara shoes for weeks now. I had my eye on the zara neon blazer but decided it was a bit too much for my pretty fair skin. Then I saw the asos ombré blazer, thought it was too greenish but then I saw it in real life. It was much more yellow than I originally thought. Looked it up again, sold out. Then I saw the ASOS Midi Dress With Neon Embellishment but disliked the length but put me on the right track of a feminine piece with neon. Then I see this wonderful skirt which is absolutely perfect and again it’s sold out/and or not available via the european website since I live in Holland. Getting pretty frustrated in the fashion department now!
    Well enough with the whining ;-), I love your splendid series and your daughter is absolutely adorable!


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