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Asian grocery stores seriously have the best {and quirkiest} snacks. Bonnie recently introduced me to these Pearl Milk Tea popsicles. Say what? One of my favorite drinks in a popsicle version? Milk on one side and tea on the other with little tapioca {boba} pieces woven throughout. It's not too sweet and pretty refreshing—especially for 95 degree days like we've been having recently. Have you guys had any other unusual and delicious popsicle flavors this summer? — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy. popsicles can be found at 99 Ranch markets}


  1. Ooooh I may have to attempt to make one of these. I just ordered popsicle molds so I’m looking for creative ideas =)
    – Sarah

  2. Those look amazing! I had my fill of some delicious combos at the Philly Vendys from Little Baby’s Ice Cream, Sugar Philly, and the winner Lil’ Pop Shop (who let me eat two, they’re super nice~).
    I have not tried Lil’ Pop Shop Creme Fraiche/Figs & Blue Cheese or Creamy Sweet & Salty Summer Corn, but I can vouch they are probably just as amazing as Pineapple basil, Cantaloupe rose and Vietnamese ice coffee flavors I’ve have tried!

  3. I need to pick some of these up for the fiancé! We recently discovered Melona bars – SO good. It has an ice cream texture, in a bar form, on a stick. Melon or mango flavors. I could eat one for breakfast right now! 😉

  4. I’m on a hunt for these what brand is it? I went to my local Ranch 99 and couldn’t find it. I’ll have to try my other Asian markets!

  5. Hi Joanne,
    The box is solid peach with mostly Chinese writing on it. But the English title says I-Mei. Its got a red crown logo on it. Hope that helps!

  6. um…wow! i need to try that. why can’t there be an asian market closer to us! i’m sure between the two of us we can keep it in business. 😉

  7. i’m gonna get so fat eating these. i’m heading to dallas next weekend and keeping my fingers crossed that ranch 99 has them there! thanks for letting us all know.

  8. I hope these are at all the 99 Ranch stores and not just the ones in Southern California! I’ll be so heartbroken if I can’t find them here in the Bay Area!

  9. A Milk Tea Boba ice cream bar??!! Seriously that’s a no brainer. Why didn’t I think of that? I have to make a trip to Ranch 99 now.

  10. Oh my goodness! This sounds like the best thing ever! I will have to keep my eyes peeled the next time I go to an asian grocery store.. they really do have the best snacks!

  11. Oh snap, I need a box (or two or three) of these!! I-Mei makes the best ice cream pops so I’m not surprised to see them make a bubble tea version. This makes me so happy!

  12. Sadly they do not carry these popsicles at any of the 99 ranch markets in the Bay Area 🙁 I’ve been hunting for them as well.

  13. I’m Caucasian but fell in love with these when I visited Hong Kong. I think these are more refreshing and cooling in the hot summer than classic ice cream. I like the oolong tea side better but understand that you need to eat both sides in tandem to achieve that true “milk tea” taste. LOVE these !! I found these in my local Asian foods grocer, Lotte Market, and was overjoyed they are here in the States.


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