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oh joy + anthro petites in {newport beach}…

anthropologie petites

anthropologie petites

As someone who is 5'2", one of my never-ending struggles when shopping has been having to alter the length of everything—whether skirts, pants, or straps on tops. So, when I heard that Anthropologie was launching a Petites Collection, I was thrilled to say the least…no more endless alteration bills for some of my favorite styles.

To help celebrate the new Petites Collection, I've partnered with Anthropologie to host a Petite Style event at their Newport Beach store on August 16th. So for those of you in Southern California, it will be a fun night to shop and try on the full collection {which is normally only available online}. And, I'll be there to help give any styling advice that I can! To RSVP, click here or on the image above. I hope to see some of you there {Oh, and you don't have to be petite to attend!}  — Joy


  1. This made my day! I love Anthropologie, but at 5’0″ it’s difficult for me to find pieces that fit. I definitely need to check out the new collection!

  2. A very annoying question, I’m sorry! We’re the same height and I know you wear clothing from Crew Cuts–any chance you could let me know what size you wear from them? Much appreciated!

  3. This is great news! Whenever I buy something in petite, I’m always shocked at how well it fits. Maybe it’s because I’m 5’2″ and I should probably only buy petite…
    Also, good to know about Crew Cuts. I’ve come so close to buying their clothes, but I always chicken out bc I don’t know the fit.

  4. oh no! I wish you were going to be at the anthro at the grove or somewhere closer to LA. still, congratulations!


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