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happy friday + a sweet ride…



Look who's got a sweet new ride! Ruby's been watching our neighbor's kids ride their bikes and nas been itching to be mobile like that. So Bob's been researching push cars to see which one was just right for her. I loved this mock of a vintage Porsche {it's the baby version of my dream car!}, and Bob wanted her in his favorite sports car {but, um, way too expensive}. So at the end of the day we decided on a classic ruby red convertible. She loves it and even holds the steering wheel while listening to the rap station on her radio! The look of total joy just melts me. Have a great weekend, guys…full of your own little joyrides… — Joy

ps. just a reminder that you have till Tuesday to enter the Splendid Summer contest! Can't wait to see what you guys have pinned!

{Instagram photo by Oh Joy}


  1. What a sweet little ride!!! I bet you love watching your little lady ride in it. I can’t wait for the Splendid Summer results!!! Yay!
    – Sarah

  2. We have this car too! We were lucky to find it at a resale event like-new. Our little guy adores it as well and it’s “just like mama’s mini cooper.” It makes a great stroller alternative for walks around the neighborhood.


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