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happy friday + a toasty bum…



This week, I found myself worrying about too many things. You know how sometimes you can ruminate on one thing that isn't going so great, and it just drives you crazy? Yep, I'm pretty much an expert at that! And then, as I was playing with Ruby the other day, I found her crawling around with a piece of toy toast stuck to her butt. She was just going about her usual day—sitting, crawling, and trying to stand—all with this faux carb attachment. And she just didn't care. And then, all of a sudden, those other things I worried about just didn't matter. Funny how a piece of toast {and the person attached to it} can just flip that switch. So, here I am with some virtual toast for you all…take as many slices as you need! And, have a great weekend guys! — Joy

{Instagram photo by Oh Joy}


  1. I do that same thing with worrying! In fact, I’m doing it right now! Thanks for the toast and the reminder that things are ok. Worrying doesn’t help, right? 🙂

  2. Ha hah ah–adorable! I’m sure the moment gave you a good giggle. Great story, Joy. Thanks for the reminder–keep things in perspective, step back, breathe, check your behind for stuff stuck to it, and laugh a little. Or a lot. Have a great weekend!

  3. That is just about the cutest thing I’ve seen in awhile! So thankful for the little reminders that life isn’t all bad 🙂

  4. oh joy! your story is so simple and it’s so true. everything little bits of things in my life just WORRY/BOTHER the hell out of me and so many times i cry. i don’t even know what i am crying about but i am just frustrated… a lot of times when my bf tells me why i am so stressed out about the littlest things and i thot he doesn’t care or sth. do i overthink or does he not care? i don’t know!! but yes! i need many many slices of toast and be more carefree!

  5. Yes, my mind can definitely become obsessive at times. It’s crazy/funny/amazing how and what can snap you out of it too. Ruby is just a gem, isn’t she?

  6. Love those moments! Like when the cat’s ear turns inside out and she doesn’t even notice or care. It puts what’s important in perspective!

  7. Hi Helen,
    In being with my husband for 15+ years, Ive come to learn that men and women handle things so differently. Its much easier for them to not think about things or not let something get to them.I often wish I could just let things go like Bob does (and I try to) but were just wired different!

  8. Adorable – don’t you love how, no matter how hard of a day you’ve had, all your burdens melt away the moment you see your little one? They make us laugh about the little things in life!


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