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A few months ago, I filmed a little segment for a brand new show on QVC called Inspired Style that recently premiered. Host Amy Stran draws fashion inspiration from her surroundings —whether it’s from the streets of LA and NY or pictures fans share on Facebook—and translates the inspirations into fabulous outfits. I met up with Amy at the Thompson Hotel where we people watched and discussed some of our favorite trends we saw people rocking. The segment of Inspired Style I'll be on airs tomorrow night, Thursday August 9th at 10pm PST/1am EST. So if you want to check it out, set your DVR's! I'm not used to being on TV so I'm nervous to see it but excited to see how it all came out! — Joy

{Instagram photo above while we were filming the segment}


  1. We had an amazing time filming with you! We’re all so excited to see your fabulous segment on air tomorrow night, xo

  2. How exciting!! I heard murmurings of this on your Instagram… congrats! I haven’t seen it yet but the show concept sounds really interesting. Looking forward to catching up and seeing your TV debut!


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