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giant balloon lollies…





You may have seen Geronimo's amazing giant balloons here in the past, and I'm thrilled to share Jihan's newest creation—balloon lollies! Since launching her company last year, Jihan's balloons have brought floating cheer to weddings, birthdays, and so many amazing events. The newest collection includes these helium-free balloons which are intended to be a more environmentally conscious option and help offset our shrinking helium supply. These new helium-free balloons would be so fun for walking down the aisle or standing ground at an entrance way to welcome guests. 

How crazy cute are Jihan and her real life Balloon Trooper assistants, Dru and Kate?!? You can contact Jihan directly for more info. on these custom creations. Also, since Jihan is committed to all things gold and shiny {that's my kinda girl!}, she's even hosting a gold-themed workshop called Golden Hour in LA in honor of the precious metal that looks beyond fun. — Joy

{photos by Miha Matei}



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