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my {park} uniform…



I may not have a little one just yet, but this would be a fun outfit for when I babysit Ruby for the day and take her for an adventure in the park. We can be all matchy-matchy with our graphic prints and coral kicks! — Bri

{For Me (top to bottom): Terrain tote, Zoe Karssen sweatshirt, J.Crew shorts, Cole Haan slippers. Little One (top to bottom): Blabla kids backpack, Polarn O. Pyret sun hat, French Blossom jumper, Zara sandals.}


  1. Your outfit is perfect in all ways. Perfect sweatshirt with a perfect French touch, perfect shorts in a perfect yellow and those loafers? Just perfect. Enough with that word! xoxo

  2. this is adorable. i totally do “matchy match” with my kids (and husband for that matter). i get them dressed and then try to coordinate. love the yellow shorts.. i have navy and mint in those. the sweater is also so fun!

  3. Bonjour Joy ! I’m always discovering lovely inspiration through your blog and often leaving comments about your great findings and other peoples beautiful creations. – I couldn’t believe my eyes when today I saw you picked an item from our boutique French Blossom. It just made my day ! Merci Beaucoup ! xo from France

  4. I’ve got those yellow shorts, also in white and khaki. They fit a little weird unless you are very boyish build, cut very straight, not for curvy girls. The zipper also doesn’t go all the way up to the button, there’s an oddly large gap. Guess I should let JCrew know.


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