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{outside/inside} an outdoor 8…

oh joy | outside/inside | an outdoor 8

oh joy | outside/inside | an outdoor 8

OUTSIDE / An abandoned tricycle rounds the curve of a figure-8 on the lawn of this child-friendly home…

oh joy | outside/inside | an outdoor 8

…while INSIDE, the décor is chipper and bright! Saturated and bold hues of color with the contrast of wood, cork, and wire. Everyday items take on quirky shapes—like a camera-shaped candle or wire wound into a DIY lamp. I can imagine wall-to-wall chalkboard paint in the house, ready for on-the-fly doodling! —Joanna

{from left to right, top to bottom: lemon gumdrop pendant from Serena & Lily, caravan dresser from Branch, Hee lounge chair from A+R, coil lamp DIY kit from The Future Perfect, companions bedside table from The Future Perfect, beeswax camera candle from Branch, polka dot wall vase from Poketo, German chalk set from Terrain.}

{image by photographer Radim Peško}



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