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a little facelift…




You might notice a little redesign showing up today. With a bit of a change I mentioned on Friday, I thought it was also time to update the blog design. The inspiration from the new design comes from the wall above my desk. I bought a bunch of these vintage pant hangers five years ago, and didn't know what to do with them until I began decorating my studio last year. They ended up being perfect for displaying prints, images, fabric, and other things that are currently inspiring me.

I love that this wall is always changing, and I'm constantly hanging up stuff I find and come across. My blog is meant to be the virtual, sharable version of what's on my wall, so why not bring that feeling to my blog as well? I spray painted one of the hangers in gold and took a photo of it to use for each post. And then I worked with Maricor/Maricar to embroider an updated version of my logo. Didn't they do an amazing job? Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the little update! We're still working out some tiny kinks so please let me know if you have any issues or have any quirks on your browser. Thank you!

ps. We arrived in Chicago yesterday for the week. Look forward to seeing some of you tonight for the first stop on my book tour!

{top photo by Oh Joy, bottom by Maricor/Maricar}


  1. It doesn’t work very well on my macbook using google chrome. Love the embroidery but your banner looks disproportionate to the rest of the blog.

  2. i actually love the new look – great statement, simple but textured, and clean. and while i’ve enjoyed all the various contributions from others on this site, i’m really excited to hear more of your own voice come through – good luck with the next step and we’ll be waiting to see on this side!
    ps – the embroidery is gorgeous.

  3. Oh cool! I love all the changes that are coming. It’s super neat how the hangers and embroidery give your blog dimension. The layout doesn’t really work on my computer at work, but then again most don’t (old almost square-shaped monitor, and using IE… um yeah, enough said). I can’t wait to go home and see how it looks on my macbook though.

  4. Yes – beautiful! And inspiring, as I took up embroidery as my favored winter hobby two years ago. Is there a chance you would share with us the list of your favorite daily read that used to be on the right? I didn’t have them all bookmarked but jumped over to them frequently from here.
    Thank you and echoing all of the congratulations expressed above!

  5. I’ve always liked those hangers when you post pictures of your studio, and they seem so fitting on your blog. I love the embroidered logo (it’s really beautiful) and the mint green.

  6. Absolutely love the new embroidered logo! So creative! PS: Can’t wait to meet you tonight in Chicago! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The new logo looks AMAZING! Such a great idea to add some fun to your blog! The new layout looks fabulous too (and it looks perfect on my iPhone)!

  8. love the update, it is so pretty and fresh looking. i’ve always loved your blog, but i am also excited to see the new direction you are taking with your posts!

  9. It’s soooo beautiful Joy! I love Maricor/Maricar. I saw an exhibition of their work some time ago here in Sydney and the detail is amazing.
    Snap! I have actually been working on embroidering a masthead for my blog which is going to undergo a transformation soon. Mine is red – given my blog/business name.

  10. Hi, new reader… but have stumbled upon you from pinterest, after realizing I kept repinning all of your findings. I saw your portfolio and was so inspired. I am a recent industrial design graduate, and feel somewhat out of place in the design consulting world, and not sure of myself. Seeing your portfolio and seeing that I don’t need to be stuck into that sort of mold of a car designer, consumer electronics designer, makes me really happy and inspired. Just wanted to say thank you!

  11. I love, love, love the new design! I hadn’t been on here a few days, and then tada! up popped that beautiful embroidery! I love embroidery and those colours are gorgeous!

  12. Hi Joy ~ Love the new look! Especially the embroidered logo, it’s so unique and fun. I love the way you’ve incorporated real items into your digital space.

  13. Sometimes we need a little “rearrangement” to refresh our feelings and sense of creativity ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you’ve done a marvelous job! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. OH, I was just wondering if you’d mind setting up your “categories” page..? It leads the archive page, and I’d actually really like to see a list of your categories :))
    Much love,

  14. I like the redesign. Was it intentional to have the green background just end at the edges of the main blog container? It seems odd to have the color cut off like that. It makes the whole space seem squished, when it could seem nice and open if you extended the color.

  15. Thanks Aya!
    The categories and archives are actually on the same page. I dont have a way to separate it unfortunately, but if you scroll down youll see them! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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