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feeling like i love you in french…



When I decided to study French instead of Spanish in high school, it was purely out of the romantic notion that someday I'd go to France and impress everyone with my knowledge of their beautiful language. While it certainly came in handy during my trip to Paris in college, I sadly don't get to use those skills in my day-to-day life here in LA. So, I'll just pretend I still parlez Français and share these fun French-phrased pieces with you that I'm currently loving…

01. Rifle Paper Co. card, 02. Yellow Owl Workshop pendant, 03. Anek print, 04. Kate Spade bracelet, 05. Garance Dore for Kate Spade pull over, and 06. Atsuyo et Akiko onesie 


  1. I did the exact same thing with Italian. But like you, I don’t have anyone to practice with so the language has sort of slipped through my fingers. But perhaps having a few phrases around will inspire me to relearn everything.

  2. I really love this too. Well done! Will keep in mind for gifts for my mama, who always says little loving terms in French.

  3. I, too, decided to study French in lieu of Spanish in high school. Little did I know, I would fall in love with a Frenchman while vacationing in Costa Rica, move to Paris, return to the US… ten years later, here we are. And, my love of the French language has only grown with every trip to France, every new French friend I have made, and especially now that our two-year old daughter is speaking French almost exclusively (hearing her speak French may be the cutest thing, EVER!).
    All of this French love culminated in opening a store with my dear Parisian friend with some of our favorite French-inspired products (read: all those stylish products which are so prevalent in France but elusive in the US).

  4. Hello Joy! If you need some practice,I can help you. 😉 also, thank you for sharing your new book, half-way into it & love it! You might really convince me to blog. Yah!

  5. I love the stationary & Kate Spade bangle. I also love anything French & studied French for 6 years in school. I am convinced that I will one day live in France 🙂 Also… I think it is ‘parle francais’ since ‘parlez’ is paired with ‘vous’… n’est pas?

  6. I love the whole set! I think they just complement each other in such a way that it makes it look very complete. The colors also match well, and so far I love everything about it. Thank you for sharing.


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