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Oh Joy | How I'd Wear a Patterned Jacket

Oh Joy | How I'd Wear a Patterned Jacket

This month is all about mixing patterned statement pieces into your wardrobe. Now that we're dipping into fall, I thought it would be fun to show you how I'd transition the bright patterns and colors of summer into my fall wardrobe!

While I'm not huge into animal prints, I almost fell over when I saw this new jacket from Emerson Fry. Patterned jackets can feel intimidating, but a neutral one like this pairs well with so many colors and other patterns as well. (And because it's not super cheap, you definitely want to be able to maximize its use with different options.)

For this look, I chose two colorful pieces: coral pants and a cobalt-blue bag. By focusing on just a couple of colors and keeping everything else neutral, the outfit feels bright without being overpowering. Also, when I mix patterns, it's all about scale. The pattern on the pants is much smaller in scale than the jacket; therefore they work together without being pattern overload. Stay tuned this month for more of my favorite pattern-on-pattern fall looks!

1. Emerson Fry jacket, 2. StyleMint tee, 3. Forever 21 bracelet, 4. Baggu suede tote, 5. Trousers from Madewell, 6. Zara flats.

ps. see you tonight San Francisco!

{illustration by Jennifer Vallez for Oh Joy}


  1. I love the idea of this pattern on pattern look. I always want to try it, but get intimidated at times by mixing more “complex patterns.” What you did above is lovely!

  2. I just happened to spy those trousers on Madewell yesterday while looking for some fall style ideas and I wish they were featured on a model so I can see how they fit since they are only available online. Now they’re on you in a lovely little illustration, which makes me like them even more…but I still can’t tell how they’d look in real life. If this is the biggest dilemma I encounter today, that won’t be so bad though, eh?

  3. Too funny, I gave very similar advice about a patterned coat yesterday at, with a very different look. I love how you’ve chosen two patterns that work so well together and don’t overwhelm the outfit. It’s fun, chic and graphic all at the same time, in adorable illustrative format!

  4. obsessed with this..the pic and the outfit..I can totally visualize this and I LOVE mixing patterns and the cobalt and animal print are just perfect trends to mix right now,,LOVE IT!
    sheree xxx

  5. Oh Joy! That this post reminded me of a vintage leopard print jacket that I have packed away. While I am not into animal prints, either, I adore this jacket from the 50s. Cannot wait to add it to my fall wardrobe. Thank you!


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