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what i did in san francisco…



Last Thursday, I spent 24 hours in San Francisco's East Bay for the 2nd stop of my book tour. Although it was a quick trip, I made sure to fit in some good eats and see my friend, Lisa's, new baby, Theo. It was my first night away from Ruby, so we Skyped before I headed out to my book signing (which was fun until she cried after realizing I wasn't actually there). Once I wiped away my baby-missing tears, we had such a fun book party. Chloé, who created my trailer, made a life-sized version of the pie truck from the video for the Smilebooth and brought the props from the video for display. It was an action-packed and super fun day. After a day back in LA, we flew off to Philly to visit family while in town for my NY Book Party on Thursday!

ps. For those that attended the book party, the photos are now up right here!

{Photos by Oh Joy, except bottom from Smilebooth. Above photos: Top by Lauren Moffatt, insanely good ice cream from Ici in Berkeley, little Theo is the first little man I've seen in an Oh Joy romper, Ruby's headband from Sara Rae Shop, fried chicken sandwich from Summer Kitchen in Berkeley, and a moment in the pie truck Smilebooth}


  1. Skype is getting so fun with the little one! For the first time ever, Tucker is actually interacting with and responding to people we Skype with (mainly, my parents!). It’s so exciting to watch. But, like you said, they don’t QUITE “get it” that the people aren’t actually in the same place as them. I bet it broke your heart when she cried!

  2. Bay area in the fall is gorgeous. Love the photo collage–details like what food you ate and what art was around are such nice memories to capture.

  3. Ok, now I totally get why people tell you that you dress like summer. This is your fall outfit and it would fit in perfectly into summer. Too cute. You are definitely summer all the way… 🙂

  4. I saw the picture of the ice cream store and thought, “oh, that reminds me of Ici!” and lo and behold, it is! I love that place – the candied meyer lemon is so good. Also, Ruby is just too cute in that headband!

  5. Thank you for coming up to our neck of the woods. I’m so happy you got to experience some of my favorite places in Berkeley and I got to meet you finally! Also, your book is amazing 🙂

  6. Adored your dress, appreciated your Q&A session, and loved chatting! Thanks for a great evening! 🙂
    (Also– Ruby is ADORABLE… & I love the Sara Rae Shop headband!)

  7. The book signing was fun, and I’m glad I finally got a chance to meet you! You were just a couple of blocks away from our house during your Berkeley eating tour! Next time you go back to Bakesale Betty’s, you should try Scream Sorbet, which opened up a couple of doors down – they have amazingly creamy sorbets.


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