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what we did in new york…



While in Philly visiting family last week, we spent a couple days in New York for the third stop of my Blog, Inc, book tour. It was another quick trip, but we made sure to fit in a few delicious bites and plenty of play time for Ruby in the city's amazing playgrounds. Usually when I visit New York, I stay downtown or in Brooklyn, but this was my first time staying on the Upper West Side. We stayed satiated with burgers, tarts, and empanadas.

I had a great time at the New York book party, and it was so nice seeing so many friends who live, there as well as some fellow blogger friends I rarely get to see in person. Ruby even made an appearance, and I loved getting a little Smilebooth action in with my two favorite people.
Up next: Los Angeles tomorrow!

ps. For those who attended the NY book party, the photos are now up right here!

{Photos by Oh Joy, except bottom three from Smilebooth. Ruby's leggings from Thief & Bandit, gold boots from Smallable.}


  1. Adorable! That sounds like my kind of trip — eating and visiting parks. I hope your next book tour brings you a teensy bit further north to Boston. There are a bunch of great places to eat here, too!

  2. Joy, there is totally stuff in Philly worth posting about! I would happily make a list for you next time you are in town (if you’re interested). Ruby’s leggings and boots are adorable, where are they from?

  3. Awww what a great trip! Visiting family, park and food fun with your family, your BOOK TOUR, um how cool is that!
    – Sarah

  4. Why no Philly stop? I get why these sort of events will typically choose NYC vs Philly when there are limited stops, but since you’re from here I’m curious.
    Not that you have to have an event here because you’re from here but figuring you’d stop here to see you family, wondered why no tour stop here….which I may have answered my own question in that you wanted to see your family:)

  5. Hi Donna,
    Thats a good question! I actually wanted to make a Philly book party happen, but since we were tagging it along with our trip to see family, it would have been too tight to do 2 book parties in the same week, fit in Rubys bday party with the family, and have her get in that grandparent time. It was just too much and so I had to go with the bigger venue which is NY. I would have loved to have one in my hometown but it just didnt work out for this trip!

  6. That’s right I did see the Ruby bday pics on Instagram, understood I’ll be looking out for you when you do head back this way.

  7. love! also, you still have issues with keeping your eyes open in photos! hahaha.. 🙂 at least ruby is photogenic but still needs to find the camera! xoxo.. 🙂

  8. Looks like such a fun trip. I love your little snapshots, they always look so happy. That tart sounds interesting, I’ve never heard of trying that flavor, but it looks very pretty and tasty.
    Stay in the Lines

  9. What a wonderful trip~ so nice that you got to go together! Ruby is such a cutie and she’s getting so big! Can’t wait for your party tomorrow! =)


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