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{blog, inc} a virtual chat + giveaway!



As I prep for the last stop on my book tour and head to Austin on Thursday, I'm excited to share the news about a virtual chat we'll be having here on Oh Joy next week! This is especially for those of you who are in a city where I didn't get to go! I'll be joined by my friend and fellow blogger Naomi, from Rockstar Diaries (who I also profiled in my book), and we'll answer some of your biggest questions about blogging. I'll address some of the most common questions I've received at my Q&A sessions in past cities and talk to Naomi about her experience as a blogger as well. 

You can watch the live chat right here on Oh Joy or on Chronicle Books' blog on Thursday, November 15, at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST). In addition to questions I'll collect in the comments section of this post, we'll also be answering some of your questions via Twitter. So if you want to ask any live questions, simply tweet them to me @ohjoystudio with the hashtag #bloginc.

As a bonus, I'm offering a very special giveaway. One of my favorite parts of my business is my consulting service for small business owners, in which I give feedback and advice about their businesses and products, provide guidance on how to increase their customer base and followers, or offer tips on growing a blog. So next Thursday, I'll be giving away a free one-hour Oh Joy Rx session (to be conducted via phone) to give you feedback on your very own blog and share tips on how to improve it, grow it, or answer any other questions you may have. In addition, five lucky readers will get a signed copy of Blog, Inc. to keep for themselves or give as a gift to a loved one for the holidays.

To enter, simply leave a comment here with your blogging-related question. It can be about anything you're curious about and it can be a question for me, for Naomi, or for the both of us. I'll announce the winners at the end of the live chat next Thursday! (And if you won't be able to tune in live, I'll share a link where the chat can be viewed afterwards). Comments will close this Friday, November 9th at 9p.m. PST and the winners will be chosen at random. Chat soon!

P.S. Sorry, giveaway limited to readers in the U.S. only for this one!


  1. Definitely count me in, what a great opportunity! My question would be for both of you: The bar for bloggers, especially new ones, keeps going up – looking into the next 12-18 months, what do you think will be the top three new things that bloggers will need to be well versed in that aren’t necessarily requirements now?
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. My question would be how do you start the “business” side of the process? Is it all advertisement pitches, press releases, etc? I’ve been writing since 2005 and I’ve always wavered on whether or not I should make the blogging-as-a-business jump.

  3. What is the average amount of time I should expect to spend managing a blog + the related social media? I can’t imagine how you gals get anything else done – everything is so well connected and thought out!

  4. How do you recommend discussing your participation in affiliate programs with friends and family? Sharing the products I love with my friends is a big part of the reason I started blogging! But even though I might realistically make only 10 to 20 cents off their purchase, I’m unsure of how to tell them about my relationship with certain merchants without coming off as profiteering. While affiliate programs are very standard practice now and disclosures like your own very common, somehow inspiring a stranger to make a purchase seems a bit different than making a commission on a friend’s shopping experience. Any tips for how to have a conversation about affiliate programs with loved ones?

  5. Thanks for doing the giveaway! My question would be about knowing when and how to move from a hobby to a business. Also, somewhat related, would be about balancing it as a hobby, while still producing quality content.

  6. I have lots of questions, but none have really formed in my mind. I just wanted to say that I just got your book a couple of weeks ago and I love it! I am a new blogger hoping to change the world, so to speak. Thank you for all of your tips and helps. I am learning a lot and it is giving me so many ideas and inspirations. Thank you!

  7. I’m interested in similar questions as @Emily’s (such ace questions). What advice do you have for people wanting to grow their blog?
    Thanks for the lovely give-away. Asked for a copy of your book for my birthday, but would be nice to be able to share the (blog) love 🙂
    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  8. I just picked up a copy of the book this weekend and have been absolutely devouring it. Such great info! My question is about planning content. Do you follow a type of editorial calendar for your blog? If so, how far in advance do you plan things out? Thanks, Joy!

  9. What an amazing opportunity! My question is: as your content grows and evolves, how do you make sure you’re still providing something for the readers who have been there since the beginning? I’m slowly adding more blogging/business topics to my blog, but I don’t want to overwhelm my older readers that aren’t necessarily interested in those topics.

  10. Looking forward to this discussion. My question is, do blogs fail because the subject isn’t interesting, or for other reasons, such as content, writing style, branding, etc.? For example, if the subject matter is narrow and not necessarily something that appeals to everyone, can it still be wildly successful?
    Thanks, and crossing my fingers I win!

  11. I’m actually very young, and I have not started a blog yet. But I am in the midst of brainstorming about making a blog in a business aspect with a friend. What is the best advice you would/could give to two extremely young, talented, and life/fun loving female individuals about starting a blog together? How does it move from a fun hobby into a business and how do you accumulate all your readers? There are so many popular blogs out there, how do you make yourself stand out and accumulate & retain your readers as well as slowly gain a stronger business aspect of it?

  12. I am trying to manage a store and find time to blog for the store as well. Do you have a formula that works for setting aside time for blogging on a regular basis? As it is, I have a much ignored blog page at the moment!

  13. Awesome giveaway! My question is: I’ve wanted to start a blog for years, but when you have interest in everything from design to skincare/makeup how do you give it direction without being all over the place?

  14. Best giveaway ever. Ohhh, Joy… You’re so good.
    I have many many questions- but foremost in my mind is this: How do I balance the product/promotional posts with my own qualms about materialism and mass consumption? I know that sounds kind of granola- but do you ever feel like you’re contributing to that stuff even though your intentions are just to share the things you love and enjoy? I’m really struggling with that.
    THANKS, JOY! ♥

  15. I want to have my blog be my job, but I need sponsors. I think I would appeal to a lot of companies, how do I approach them to be a sponsor?

  16. Joy & Naomi: Do you think starting a weekly or monthly newsletter for a blog is a good strategy, or do you consider it just more noise? I can’t decide whether or not it would be a useful tool or just another way of bugging people.

  17. How do you make yourself write? I never have a good idea when I sit down at my computer, but always have a GREAT idea when I’m driving or doing something else with my hands.

  18. I am so excited for this opportunity! I’ve had so many questions since I’ve become blog-obsessed! I am a 22-year-old recent college graduate just beginning my first blog, but struggling to figure out the best way to get my blog out there and gain readership. When you two were first beginning your blog journey, how did you go about gaining all of the readers & fans you have today? In your opinion, are certain blog websites better (for a newbie like me) than others? Thanks so much! Looking forward to this 🙂

  19. What a great giveaway and I can’t wait to listen in on the virtual chat. Any advice on monetizing your blog would be very helpful. I currently do several sponsored posts, brand campaigns, and spokesperson work but would like to dig a bit more into affiliate links. Any affiliate programs you recommend?
    Oh, I’m also expecting my first baby in January and would love to know how you’ve been able to balance your blog/career with a baby 🙂
    Thanks SOO much!
    Carmen- Viva Fashion

  20. My question deals with generating original content. It seems that if you’re into a certain blog niche, you want to read as many blogs like yours as possible– to stay current on what’s being said and shared, to be inspired, to be active in the community, etc. But then how do you turn around and stay original? It seems you want to both be in-step with your niche and yet also a step ahead. How do you keep the community in your mind but keep it from overpowering your own voice when you go to write? And if a certain product or person keeps surfacing in your area, how do you cover the same info on that product/person without looking unoriginal? For example, if you’re into paper/stationery, any new collection by Anna Bond for Rifle Paper Co. is going to be news. How would you do a post on it without looking lazy or just plain plagiaristic when everyone else is posting about the same collection, probably on the same day? Thanks!

  21. What a great give-away! As a relatively new blogger, I am still working on streamlining my process. I know a lot of the more successful blogs post 2-3 times a day, but I struggle to get one post done in a timely manner. Any tips on managing workflow?

  22. Count me in! Will be listening for sure 🙂 My question, as a fairly new blogger, is related to traffic and growing your blog. With SO many new blogs popping up about every subject under the sun and moon, how do you find that little space in the blog world and make it as big as you want?

  23. Such a thoughtful giveaway! Here are my questions… one for each of you 🙂
    For Naomi: As a lifestyle blogger how do you transform your normal everyday life into something blog worthy? I love how you can take everyday things an make it something we all want to share with you.
    For Joy: I’d like to get to know other bloggers (both big and small) on a more personal level and also suggest the possibility of working together on projects. What is the best way to do this? I don’t want to put anyone on the spot, but I’d like to take advantage of the wonderful blogging community.
    Also, just one general question… Will the recorded Q+A be available to view after the live session. I’ll be at work and unable to watch the live show. Boo!
    Alright, before I come up with a million more questions… thanks so much Joy and Naomi! 🙂

  24. Hi Joy. I just want to say I’m so refreshed by what you share on your blog. It’s nice to see someone present design, fashion, young motherhood, and hospitality in such a down-to-earth, while still tasteful, way. My best friend and I are both Seniors in college preparing for the next chapter of our lives. She started up a fashion blog with high hopes that it might eventually create a business opportunity and I just really want to see it flourish; she deserves to be rewarded for putting herself out there and taking the risk! Not only that, but I sincerely believe (from an unbiased opinion, if at all possible) that if anyone has what it takes to make it in the fashion industry it is her. She has a true talent for piecing outfits together in a modest, appropriate, and somehow still very bold way, as well as genuine style and her own unique look, being an Indian woman. She’s had a bit of a hard time getting followers, and after a trip to India this summer has lost some momentum. I don’t want to see her give up! Do you have any advice for her? One specific area I think she wants to improve on is her aesthetic- should she err on the side of simple or dynamic? Loud or quietly intriguing? As a regular visitor of your blog and an admirer of your designs, I was delighted to hear about your book and would love to get my hands on a copy! Any advice will be appreciated!

  25. Hello Joy and Naomi! My question is as a new blogger I have so many questions and always beg for feedback! I am learning a lot via Blog Inc and posts on IFB but I was wondering how does one really find their style or look for a blog? I find I am always changing as a person and I try to pick only things I love such as old school label makers and typewriter fonts on a clean white background but I hope I’m not being too plain but I also am afraid to go too crazy. Basically thats a lot of rambling for asking how do you know when you finally have your key design and brand look?

  26. how do you create custom blog layouts on mainstream blog sites? does it involve changing the computer coding? thanks!

  27. Great giveaway Joy! I’d love to spend an hour chatting with you, I’m sure you have some amazing insights to offer. 🙂
    My question is: I’ve been blogging for a number of years, but I still don’t have an audience as large as I would like. A lot of the usual tips for growing your audience don’t really work any more with the over-saturation of blogs. What advice do you have on growing your audience and getting exposure for your blog?
    PS. I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog this week with a couple of books for creative entrepreneurs – you or your readers might like to enter. xox

  28. This is so great! My blog question: Can’t I just have a portfolio blog if I’m not much of a writer. I feel the need to have some dialect of some sort on my blog especially when I post pics of my illustrations.

  29. Oh I would LOVE win one of you books. I am currently reading Mom Inc and loving it!
    I am currently not blogging nor running a business but it is my dream to some day do both. I want to of create things to sell online but I have SO many idea’s of different things. My question is how to I narrow it down and get started? …do I start the blog first to encourage myself to create or do I create and start the business first?
    Can’t wait to listen in!

  30. Hi, thanks for taking questions, I am exited about your live chat!
    How would you take a not for profit sewing blog to the next level? Do you think that it is more content or branding?

  31. Hi there,
    This is very sweet that you are doing this! If I had a chance to speak with you, I’d really love to talk about how to increase readership!

  32. How did you figure out your name, and “the look” for your brand/blog? I feel like I have so many different ideas and it’s hard for me to stick to one!

  33. What a lovely announcement! Just Penciled it in!
    My question would be about fine tuning my target market as both a blogger and a small business owner of a fashion accessories company. I want to gain a solid reader/consumer base, but stay true to my identity and aesthetic without having to waiver to appease the desire to gain a sale or follower or become BIG. How can I decipher between the two and maintain a balanced and clear blog & shop portfolio?
    Thanks for opening this up to us!!!

  34. Hi Joy! I’ve been reading your blog for years and it’s always inspired me to create one too (I’m a graphic designer who loves to craft). My question is about your blogging process. Do you usually have your week of posts laid out or are you more spontaneous and happen to stumble upon inspirational things and decide to post about it?
    Thanks 🙂

  35. How do you start?!! Where do you start?? What motivates you to just do it…and keep doing it!??

  36. Blogging has long been a love of mine from a reader’s perspective, but I have been involved in the writing process now and want to know: with blogging being so competitive and familiar for getting the word out to the public what can I do to produce a blog that is always cutting edge without leaving out the heart of our message?

  37. Hi Joy! Your blog is so inspiring. I’ve been an on-again-off-again blogger for years. Nowadays, I’ve made blogging more of a commitment and have been consistently posting content since June. As I troll other people’s blogs, I noticed how well-networked a lot of them are. Especially the popular bloggers. It seems a lot of the bloggers know each other! I would love to meet other bloggers and possibly collaborate, but really, I would love to share and exchange creative ideas on a more personal level. So I was wondering what are other ways to network besides commenting on their blogs?

  38. Thank you for this opportunity !
    My question is : how do you get inspired to find ideas of original content for your blog ?
    Good luck everyone !

  39. This couldn’t come at a more perfect time! My question is…what is the right balance between personal and “business” posts? Do you keep everything under one blog or have 2 separate blogs? Thanks, Joy! 🙂

  40. Hi Joy & Naomi! This is such an awesome giveaway! My question is:
    What tips do you have for someone who is transitioning from a personal blog (friends & family type life journal) to a mainstream blog (lifestyle + crafting). I would love to make the jump but am hesitant because the blogging world seems so huge! Thanks!

  41. This is wonderful! I just launched my photography business, and my question is: What are some ways to use my personal/lifestyle blog to bring business to my photography? Also, how to grow my readership and share my blog beyond friends and family? Thank you! I’d love to meet with you about building my small business, Joy!

  42. How does one unify branding and voice throughout a variety of topics on their blog, while also maintaining consistency with an online shop and marketing said shop through the blog without seeming too sales heavy?

  43. How does one unify branding and voice throughout a variety of topics on their blog, while also maintaining consistency with an online shop and marketing said shop through the blog without seeming too sales heavy?

  44. How does one unify branding and voice throughout a variety of topics on their blog, while also maintaining consistency with an online shop and marketing said shop through the blog without seeming too sales heavy?

  45. How does one unify branding and voice throughout a variety of topics on their blog, while also maintaining consistency with an online shop and marketing said shop through the blog without seeming too sales heavy?

  46. How does one unify branding and voice throughout a variety of topics on their blog, while also maintaining consistency with an online shop and marketing said shop through the blog without seeming too sales heavy?

  47. How does one unify branding and voice throughout a variety of topics on their blog, while also maintaining consistency with an online shop and marketing said shop through the blog without seeming too sales heavy?

  48. How does one unify branding and voice throughout a variety of topics on their blog, while also maintaining consistency with an online shop and marketing said shop through the blog without seeming too sales heavy?

  49. How does one unify branding and voice throughout a variety of topics on their blog, while also maintaining consistency with an online shop and marketing said shop through the blog without seeming too sales heavy?

  50. How does one unify branding and voice throughout a variety of topics on their blog, while also maintaining consistency with an online shop and marketing said shop through the blog without seeming too sales heavy?

  51. How does one unify branding and voice throughout a variety of topics on their blog, while also maintaining consistency with an online shop and marketing said shop through the blog without seeming too sales heavy?

  52. I love this idea, thank you for the opportunity. Although I echo the sentiment expressed in “chaoticdomestic” question as well, my main question would be:
    Platform wise for originality, do you recommend working from Blogspot Vs WordPress vs…etc? I have limited html skills but would love to clean up my look & organization to be able to proudly share+expand my blog.
    Thank you again!

  53. This book has been such a huge help for me. It answered questions I didn’t even know I had! I’m having so much fun with my blog, but there’s so much I want to do to improve it. I am currently using, but I’d like to transition to a self hosted wordpress blog. Do you have any advice for someone making this sort of transition? Or perhaps ideas on how to get help with web design without spending a ton of money? I’m open to learning it myself, but I’m not sure where to even find those sort of resources! Thanks for everything, Joy! 🙂

  54. What are your recommendations for building a readership? Also, do you think it’s more important to have more generalized, less personal posts, so that you build a relationship with the internet-world before having more personal posts (family or personal-life related) or do you think it doesn’t matter?
    Thanks to both of you for checking out our questions!

  55. I’m a huge fan of your blog and you seem to have a very good balance of different topics, but keeping true to who you are. My question would be how do you balance your blog to show a variety of topics, but not venture too far from what your blog’s main theme? Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

  56. Fantastic giveaway, Joy! My question is somewhat personal but applicable to many bloggers. If your blog is not your full-time job, to what extent should you limit how much you reveal about your personal life on your site? I work full-time in a conservative corporate environment and I sometimes have concerns about what level of personal information to reveal with the understanding that everything I write is open to be read by my employer, colleagues, etc. I know this may be a “it depends” question, but any general feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

  57. Love this and both of your blogs, and thank you for the opportunity! I am getting ready to launch my blog, and wondered (both Joy and Naomi) if either of you had specific strategies to spread your blogs, or anything you wish you had planned better before you went live? Or did you just jump in and hope for the best? Love, Kathryn.

  58. Hi Joy! I can’t wait to watch the virtual chat. I was going to put your book on my Christmas list anyway, so this is perfect! My question is: What are the most important first steps for starting a blog? I’m a senior in college studying journalism, and I’ve considered starting a blog, but I just don’t even know where to begin. I’m sure your book would be a great guide for me!

  59. Hi Joy. How have you been able to strike a balance between sharing and over-sharing? I struggle with injecting more of myself in my blog but am not completely comfortable sharing too much, especially when it comes to pics of kids, spouse, etc. Do you treat your blog-self as more of a persona? I’d love to know your thoughts! Love this blog!

  60. Thank you so much for having this virtual chat, you’ve always been my favorite blogger and inspiration. I’m an illustrator who’s trying to expand my artworks into a merchandise business. I really really love your collaboration with the Land of Nod, could you share us about the process on how you ended up collaborating together and making that video?
    Thank you so much, Joy!

  61. I’m a big fan. Thank you for the giveaway and the virtual chat opportunity. My question is related to the business side of blogging. What are some streams of revenue one can make from blogging? Blog ads, sponsored content and affiliate marketing is what I know so far. Do you have recommendations on where to begin with affiliate marketing? Thank you!

  62. I would love to win this giveaway. I am newly unemployed, and I’m trying to start over – to take this as a chance, a blessing to do what I really want to do in life. I’d LOVE to start a blog, BUT what I’d like to ask (or speak to you for one whole hour about!!) is how do I start? How do I brand myself and market myself to get opportunities via a blogging business?
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  63. Hello Joy! As a new mom, I would love your thoughts on blog evolution after baby. I find my blog becoming much more lifestyle focused, and my readers are responding positively to it so far. What is the best way to integrate lifestyle posts with other passions and existing content?
    Thanks, I look forward to the chat!

  64. Ho would you recommend streamlining the blogging process? I have so many ideas, but when it comes down to it – they pile up and seem so daunting. Having a process would be great!

  65. What tips would you give a starting out blogger with a not-so-great camera? I see the beautiful photos on my favorite blogs (like yours!) and sometimes become so discouraged that my photos can’t be anything like what I want them to be just yet.

  66. Awesome giveaway! My question would be: I am a travel blogger and I have interests in other areas besides Travel. How do I connect with non-travel bloggers or get other people interested in my blog. How do I reach out to those people? Thanks, Joy!

  67. I commented on a few of the older posts with some questions for you about what to do first (business plan? media kit?), but I am also very curious on what a typical “day in the life” looks like for you and your family, and how you find the time to keep everything up with Ruby. Also how do you plan your editorial calendar or blog content? Monthly? Weekly? Do you sit down and plan it yourself or with the help of some blog friends?
    This blog is a great source of inspiration for so many people (look at all these comments I now get to read through!!). I look forward to seeing it grow. I’ll tune in for the chat on Thursday!
    Thanks, Joy!

  68. I second (third? fourth?) some of the questions others have asked: Any tips on getting through blogging plateaus, when comments and new readers seem to taper off? And any advice for making sure your blog has a clear direction and voice even when you’re interested in writing about a variety of things? (Looking forward to reading the book, by the way. It’s on my holiday wish list this year!)

  69. What a fabulous idea for a live chat! Can’t wait to listen in. My question is – what is your process for ideation and refinement? I find blogging to be so solitary – I miss having a group of people to work with! I have an over abundance of ideas and with I had a better process for determining which are “winners” 🙂

  70. Hi Joy, I’m curious about giveaways. How do you implement them if you are not a well-known blogger: do you reach out to people or companies to request products? Are they receptive to up-and-coming bloggers? Look forward to the chat. Thank you!
    p.s. I loved Blog, Inc…I plan to do a book review on my blog 🙂

  71. Hi Joy! I’m really looking forward to your chat! My question is related to sponsored posts. What is your view on whether to accept paid posts on your blog? Do you think it would ruin your credibility in some ways even if you spell out that the post is a sponsored one? Thanks so much! xx

  72. Such an amazing giveaway!! I’m so inspired by bloggers such as yourself who are working hard to bring light to this fabulous community of creative people and help educate others on the fun of blogging! My question would be creating weekly themes/ideas – such as “wish list wednesday” as a general example, or “series” that occur on a blog. Do you feel this is a good way to streamline content and draw readership? 🙂 Finger’s crossed for this giveaway opportunity!

  73. I am interested in starting a blog and I can’t wait to read your book. I would like to know how to go from starting a blog, to gaining readers, to ending up with a popular blog. Is there a recipe for success?

  74. Hi! I am so curious about how you *retain* readership. I find it relatively easy to get viewers to come and take a look at the site, but am not sure how to remind them to visit again. Any thoughts? I know good content is tantamount, but I really feel like that’s not all of it!
    I am sure your book addresses this and can’t wait to read. Already devoured your last one! Thank you! 😀

  75. As someone who is self employed (aside from blogging) I constantly struggle with maintaining a healthy balance between work and family life. What are some tips you have with spreading your time wisely and not being overwhelmed, especially during your busier times?

  76. Oh wow! Can’t wait to hear answers to so many great questions! I just started a blog but am having a hard time figuring out what to focus on as I am interested in tons of different things. For “lifestyle” blogs such as yours, how to you figure out what to include and what to leave out? I also want to hear the answer to what personal details to include or leave out!

  77. I would love to win the Oh Joy Rx session! I want to start a business and would love to bounce my ideas off of you and hear your thoughts. This could be a great opportunity for me. Thanks for the giveaway! Now for my question…You both have a different approach to sharing personal or family posts. How did you determine the right balance for you, your family and blog. Thanks!

  78. Joy, I am really looking forward to the live chat next week! There are so many popular blogs out there. How do you break into that mainstream status, create a large following, and eventually turn your blog into a successful business? Congratulations on all of your continued success!

  79. I’ve tried to start a blog for years, I’ve actually started like 3 blogs, but I just can’t keep it up. And I have no idea how to make it look aesthetically pleasing.
    beginner 101

  80. this is awesome! i am a blogger & very passionate about it. the first question that comes to mind is what is the number one change you made that made your blog the blog it is today (& this question goes to you both!). thank you. 🙂

  81. My question is how do you keep your content original? I feel like there are SO many blogs that all cover really good things very well. I try to incorporate what I like to do and personal experiences, but with our lifestyle blog, there’s such a wide range of content we love to cover and sometimes I feel like someone else has already posted something that I also love to do!

  82. Wow, as a big fan of both of your blogs, and as a new blogger myself, this is a really awesome give away. I have a question about gaining readership. I am so appreciative of my friends and family that read my blog on the daily. i would love to expand on that group and often link my blog to facebook and twitter. I don’t want to harass people too often with it but I also recognize that its important to keep top of mind. What do you suggest? Is it more about the content that keeps them coming back or reminding them that you are there in the first place? I could (and hope to if i win) with questions. Both Joy and Naomi are such inspirations and I love that you are giving back to the community.

  83. Thanks for this! I’m curious (like many others here) about how to increase my readership. I’m sort of stalled in that area and wonder what are the best ways to get my blog name out there?

  84. I have a ton of questions. The biggest one is streamlining focus and finding my own “place” I am having a branding issue, I guess. HALP!

  85. I follow several blogs and find that so many bloggers are intertwined with each other. Do you ever feel competitive with one another for content and readership? I also wonder why there are so few that give back to the community. Any thoughts on whether either of you plan on doing this in the future?

  86. Wha t an opportunity! Here’s a question I’ve been pondering: Blogging as a career is no becoming more of a viable target for many of us to strive for, with that in mind, what are a few thoughts you both have on those beginning years? Any business, editing or content tips you wish you would have known?

  87. How long were you blogging before you started getting sponsors? Did sponsors come to you or did you search them out?

  88. Of course I spread the word about my blog/posts through social media sites, but what is the best way to actually target your audience, as far as traffic? I feel like I am missing something.

  89. this question is for both you and Naomi. what would be your number one tip for someone who wants to start a blog? i’ve been dying to publish my blog for years now, but I feel like it isnt ready for people to see and read…

  90. Hi Joy! I am reading your book at the moment and I’m loving it. My question is: What’s the one biggest thing you can do to grow your traffic? Many Thanks!!! Lenya

  91. Hi Joy,
    I love your blog and found it after I purchased your book on amazon – I love both…I think your book has answered all my questions so far! 🙂

  92. Hello! My question is how do you make time to update so frequently? Is it a good idea to sit down and create an “inventory” of blog posts to use throughout the week/month?

  93. Love this and look forward to joining in the chat! My question would be how much time should you expect to put into your blog and promoting it. I am a new blogger and already feel a bit overwhelmed by what I have taken on!

  94. This is so exciting. I adore your and Naomi’s blogs and both of your beautiful and growing families.
    I have been interested in starting a blog for a while for a pretty specific niche within the Latina community. I was wondering how to build your audience from the ground up? I know it takes a commitment and effort to build loyalty but I feel lost on where to start. How do I get the word out (to connect with readers, fellow bloggers, and so on)? How do you create trust within the online and blogging community to support you? Where does the breakthrough come from?

  95. I have been blogging for several years, yet I don’t have the audience I would like/hope. How do I grow that and gain the proper exposure for my blog?

  96. Ooh! So excited! My question is….how do you balance your offline, everyday agendas with what happens on the web? (For you both!)
    Thanks bunches!

  97. How do you plan efficient yet authentic blogging? I want to remain vulnerable yet I need to become more efficient and better at posting and keeping up with my readers. Help!

  98. Joy,
    I am looking forward to tuning on next week! I am sure the conversation will be full of interesting bits and advice.
    My question is, what is the best balance between sharing product content and other type posts that keep visitors engaged while also presenting a professional image?
    I am an artist and use my blog to showcase my artwork but I also like sharing other items like photos, other artist’s work, and personal photos of my pet and my daughter.

  99. Hi Joy! There are so many social networking sites out there between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Do you recommend that a blog utilize all these different sites to promote one’s blog? My blog isn’t especially well-read, so I’m not sure that I need to use them all, but I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt. How did you decide to which sites fit with your blogs?

  100. this give away is by far the best i have ever seen
    my question; blogger or word……what it the best platform and how important is it to have your own independent domain name, and how much computer know how do you need to run/design your own site.
    thanks for this!

  101. There are so many blog-related activities like tweeting, reading other blogs, commenting on posts, facebooking (is that a word yet?) researching – sometimes I feel like I’ve fallen into a cyber-sink hole. How do you prioritize your time and how much do you commit to your blog?

  102. Hi Joy.
    As a new small business owner, I’m most curious about the importance of having a blog. Is it a necessity? Is it possible to use Facebook as a blog substitute?

  103. Joy and Taza – In your opinion, what is the first step a blogger should take to transition the blog into a business? I am looking to be an interior stylist and would like to use my blog to support this. Thanks!

  104. Hi Joy & Naomi! Can’t wait for the live broadcast and would love to get a copy of your book! I have so many questions, many of which were addressed above. Specifically, as a fledgling blogger I would love your advice on reaching out to established bloggers as a means of getting my blog name out there and getting advice from those with experience. Thank you SO much for all you do to help us beginners!

  105. Hi! What a great giveaway! My question comes to privacy… How do you deal with people getting to know things about your life and some of your private feelings? Isn’t sometimes tough for the two of you to actually realize that there is a whole bunch of people really listening to your very own thoughts on the other side of the screen?
    I’d love to know, since my blog is mainly popular for my personal reflections of life, relationships, work, family, friendships…
    Thank you very much!
    June from

  106. Hi Joy and Naomi! My question is about blogging and creative businesses. If you have a creative business, should you incorporate that business into your personal/lifestyle blog? Or keep them separate? How can blogs both business and personal contribute to the overall success of your creative business? Thanks!

  107. What an awesome giveaway! My question is this: How do you balance posting about your life without feeling like you’re mining your life for blog content (or doing things just so you can have something to write about on your blog?)
    Also: As a lifestyle blogger, what’s your process in deciding what to share vs. what to keep private, and how do you manage the times when something big is taking up a lot of your mental energy/time, but you don’t necessarily want to write about it?

  108. Hi I’m a stay at home mom of a two year old girl. I’m wondering if I should start my own blog about us and our daily life. But how do I start? Where can I get help?

  109. Hi! I’m looking forward to tuning in to the virtual chat! I just started a blog…last week. So, my question is what is most important when first starting out – what should be focused on the most?

  110. So many great questions here, I would love to see all of them answered 😉 I just want to know how to get more followers to stay, comment, and be involved, instead of just clicking GFC and never seeing them again. I really aim to create community, but it isn’t that easy! (and I would love to win!)

  111. Already so many great questions! My question is about getting more traffic. I see so many bloggers who post “if you follow me I’ll follow” type of stuff. If I ever have a successful blog I want it to be because people are truly interested in what I have to offer and not an extra follower. How do you get your blog exposed to readers who will genuinely appreciate your content?

  112. Hi Joy and Naomi,
    I would like to know how you handle speaking about potentially sensitive subject matter about yourself or close friends or family? I I want my readers to get to know me, but that comes with sharing things that could upset those close to me. I would never reveal names, but what is your best advice on this?
    Thank you and I look forward to the 15th!!

  113. ohhh! I am so excited about this!
    Question: how do you engage dialogue on a blog? I get great traffic, but few comments which in turns seems to lead to sporadic readership.

  114. Thank you for this awesome opportunity! My question is: How do you keep up a level of interaction with your followers without feeling the need to reply to every comment/tweet/email/etc. that comes your way? Personally, if I’ve reached out to someone several times with no response, I begin to lose interest in their blog because it feels so one-sided. Therefore, I always strive to “return the favor”, but the time and effort it takes to do so can be taxing, especially on busy days. So how do you handle connecting with your readers, without feeling overwhelmed?

  115. Do you ever feel like you have to look cute all the time because you’re pictures might go up on the blog or someone might recognize you?

  116. So many interesting questions already!
    My question is how do you manage your commitment to blogging? Between generating content and interacting with your readership, how do you know to “draw the line” so to speak?

  117. Love this! Very excited to learn some new things!
    I have recently been wondering about major, full-time bloggers that do collaborations and campaigns with large companies. Do they have agents and attorneys that represent them?
    Also, I know this is covered in your book, but I am wondering how one goes about paying taxes on the revenue from a blog and if the blog should be registered as a business?

  118. My question is: How do you gain readership for a new blog? Social Media promotion? Commenting on other blogs? A combination of things?
    Thank you!

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