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Every so often, I come across a shop from which I want to buy every. single. piece. My brain swells up and I get all indecisive because there's too much goodness to choose from. And as the raindrops pour down from the sky and my Christmas tree goes up today, thoughts of cozy things are filling my head. So, I was thrilled when True&Co. wanted to offer my awesome readers a special discount on their super-cute PJ's and underthings. Let's all get cozy now…

Truth be told, I live in PJ's. OK, maybe not actually traditional pajamas, but comfy clothes that I can just lounge around in at home. I love getting dressed up when I leave the house, but as soon as I get home, I change into a comfy pair of pants and a tee or henley of some sort. You'll rarely find me in skinny jeans or a dress while at home. 


I also love being able to mix and match, and the great thing about these pieces is that you could wear some of them with a pair of jeans or with another top and leave the house in a pinch. Here are my favorites from True&Co., which I'd gladly wear any day I just want to feel cozy.

For the next few days, True&Co. is offering 30% off anything on their site exclusively to Oh Joy readers only. Simply enter OHJOY30 at checkout. Offer ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on Monday, December 3rd. Enjoy!

*This post is in partnership with True&Co. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to offer special discounts like this for Oh Joy readers. Slippers by Target, rug by Nuloom.


  1. Hi Joy,
    Soooo… I just ordered some pj’s cause yours look supercute and I have a quick question. Would you say the bottoms you’re wearing run a little on the smaller or larger side? I ordered a medium and generally wear a size 4/6 jeans and I’m worried they will be too big-another opinion would really help. Thanks!!

  2. Oh these are waaay too cute.When I’m home I also primarily wear what I’ll call “lounge-wear” 😉 It’s nice to have real-wold clothes and at-home clothes, make being home that much more cozy.

  3. Hi Krissy,
    Id say those pants run true to size but are more fitting in the legs since they are a legging style. I wear a size xs/small and tried on the mediums and they were definitely too big in the waist/butt area. On the TrueCo site, they have some size explanations that help you find the right fit based on what size you usually wear.
    Hope that helps!

  4. I’ve been needing new Pyjama pants for quite some time and these look perfect – especially those wonderful green leggings. What a pity that everything I like is sold out. Must be all those Oh Joy readers with good taste stocking up! Fingers crossed the green leggings will be back in stock soon. They look so snuggly warm and are super cute.
    Unfortunately their website doesn’t seem to like my small body size – every time I try the bra quiz it makes it to the last step and then freezes. It says it’s stocking my personal bra shop but can’t seem to find anything for me 🙁 I so wanted that green bra above.

  5. Hey there,
    If you email True&Co directly and tell them which bras you’re interested in, they’ll put them in your shop. They did it for me!

  6. What is it about this time of year that makes up want borderline over the top super cute slippers? I’m speaking more of myself. I just can’t help myself being eccentric in this way. Maybe because very few people see me in my slippers lol

  7. I just went through so many emotions with this post…
    1> Green Bra GET ON MY BODY!
    2> Clicking link like a boss.
    3> True & Co. doesn’t post to Australia. Nooooooooooooo.
    4> Why do you hate me?
    5> I’m gonna punch this keyboard nkhnuhbgv.
    6> I might go eat some cake.

  8. Did you pair you bottoms up with the matching top? I’m having a hard time visualizing it since the site doesn’t show them on a model. A part of me feels like that pattern would be a bit much.


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