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{oh joy eats} diablo urban taco fabricator…



One day a week—on Wednesdays—I have Ruby all to myself. It's our one day…just us. So, I love getting out and having a little ladies' lunch with her. There are so many great spots in Silver Lake that are great to go for a bite at times when they're less crowded and more manageable for parents with a little one.

Case in point: Diablo Urban Taco Fabricator in Silver Lake, which we recently visited. It's a new-ish spot that serves up fun combos of, yep, tacos!




We tried a bunch, including the Maple Fried Chicken, Pork Belly, Hen of the Woods (made with wild mushrooms). My favorite was the fried chicken taco…I mean, how does that not sound delicious? We made sure to get some veggies in, too, with a light jicama and cucumber salad. I look forward to seeing what other fun new taco combos the restaurant comes up with!

Diablo Urban Taco Fabricator | 3129 W. Sunset Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90026 | 323.666.4666

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang. My outfit: tee by J.Crew (past season), pants by J.Crew, flats by Loeffler Randall.}


  1. Aren’t dedicated “dates” with your little ones the best? My daughter and I have two mornings a week that are just us and I love spending time with her one-on-one. She is growing up so quickly and as her personality emerges more and more, I find that I have a wonderful little sidekick, and friend, and special person I adore laughing with and leaning from.

  2. So lovely! I love going to restaurants at off peak hours with my son! It’s a much more friendly environment for a mom and here little one! I’m in LA at least 2-3 times a year. I have yet to try the trendy places in the silverlake area! I will have to make it there next time!

  3. How great that you get to spend one whole day a week together. I mostly work from home and I’ve also decided to carve out extra time to spend with my 11-month old daughter. Although it could theoretically put me “behind” professionally, I feel so fortunate to have the flexibility to prioritize family in this way. I would feel so sad if I worked long office hours.

  4. Thanks Mar!
    I have part-time childcare so I have her on a couple other half days too…but Wednesday is definitely our special day where I dont plan to get any work done! 😉


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