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  1. Kind of a bummer that Copius now makes you sign in just to browse. I certainly understand requiring an account for purchase, but not to simply look…
    (This seems new since last time to posted yard sale items).

  2. Hi Joy,
    I second kyra’s comment, I wish I could browse freely.
    I would love to buy your green sequin skirt, but have no Facebook or Twitter account to log in.
    What a bummer!
    I also wanted to tell you that I love when you talk about your sweet Ruby, especially since she and my son were born two days apart 🙂
    And I like to spy on the way you dress, you always look so cute 🙂

  3. Hi Marie,
    Sorry for the inconvenience! Unfortunately, I have no control over the sign-up process, BUT you can log-in/join without a FB or Twitter account, there is an option to join with just a regular email address and thats how I did it when I first signed up!
    Thanks so much re: Ruby! Im posting about her 1st bday tomorrow, so stay tuned 😉
    Happy belated bday to your son!

  4. Joy, I tried asking this on the copious page but I am having trouble, so I have a question: what is the material of your pleated neon orange skirt?
    I love it

  5. Hi, I would love to buy your neon orange skirt but Copious does not ship outside us and I am in France. Is there any solution?? :/
    Thanks for your help and a bravo for this kind gesture for the Red Cross!!


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