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happy friday + our newest family portrait…



Last year, we had a little family portrait made by the talented Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. to use as our thank you cards and personal family stationery during the first few months of Ruby's new little life. I had one of the cards framed and decided we'd update our stationery every year to collect over time.


I recently framed our newest portrait, which we used as thank you cards for her first birthday, and I love how they now sit side-by-side showing the beginnings of our young family.


I remember I used to think family portraits were all about cheesy department store photos. But with the holidays upcoming, it's such a fun time to think about different ways to share a little representation your family. Here are a few others I'm loving…

Have a great weekend all!

P.S. Congrats to Jenna G. for being the winner of our Imm Living giveaway this time! 

{Top photos by Oh Joy. Bottom images, left to right, top to bottom: Custom rubber stamps by Lili Mandrill, Holiday portrait by Ello There, cross-stitch portraits by Scarlet Pyjamas, and sketchy portraits by Alessandra Olanow


  1. I love it! It’s fantastic! What a great idea to update it over time, too. It will be so great to have that collection. I can imagine Ruby will love looking at all the cards when she is grown.

  2. How precious! I love the idea! Also just purchased your book on the iPad and haven’t been able to put it down, so chalk full of great info, I’ve hi lighted almost all of it, then realized there is a resources section ; ) YOU SO SMART : )
    Also loved your talk with Naomi yesterday and how it made you guys look like ‘real people’.
    Keep being great, and working hard, because people love ya!

  3. so cute! i love everything that anna does and have always wanted to do one of the portraits! right now it’s just me and my husband, but i think when we have little ones this is a terrific idea!

  4. What an adorable family photo idea! I went on her site but I didn’t see any family portrait options. I would love to have one ordered for Fathers Day or for my husbands bday. I guess I will have to send an email.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. What a great idea for our family portrait. We usually have a studio shot taken yearly but we might give this one a go. Thanks for sharing! Your family portrait is gorgeous by the way. I love how it sat side by side to tell a story.

  6. Adorable! Ruby looks so cute with her little dress! Such a nice thing to have a new one each year.I do the same for my family, and as the kids grow older, they wait for the new illustration and are excited to see how it looks.

  7. There are many families willing to experiment with different ways of preserving memories. These illustrations are a unique way of capturing family portraits.

  8. I just spoke with Rifle Paper Co. and they don’t do the family portrait ๐Ÿ™ So sad! I am pregnant and wanted to get this done!
    Any ideas of other places that do this?


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