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With tons of new apps and websites launching every day, it's easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to knowing what's out there. But every so often, there's a standout in my mind where I see the potential of something that could be huge. (For example, I was lucky to have a chance to use Pinterest at its very beginning, and it's now a website that I can't live without.


I recently had the chance to become an early user of a new site called Luvocracy that's all about social shopping. Basically, you follow your friends or other people whose taste you like or trust, and view items they recommend to you via a virtual catalog—but it's like a catalog of only things you'd like, because you've chosen whose recommendations you see. It has a structure similar to Pinterest in the way you can save items and recommend them to others, but on this platform, you also make a purchase right on the site.


You can create various collections of items (like my dotty & spotty collection), and tell your followers what you like about them—maybe they're things you actually have and use, or maybe it's something you just really love and would like to have. If someone's recommended an item, and it's available for purchase online, then you can buy it right through Luvocracy and they take care of the purchasing for you. You enter in your credit card information once, and it stays secure through all of your transactions.


On the flip side, you can recommend anything to your followers that's available for purchase online. Now, the icing on the cake with this concept is that you can make a little bonus commission from something you recommend that someone else then buys (it's not just limited to bloggers!). You can collect the rewards to use for additional shopping or get paid monthly in the form of a check (see bottom of FAQ for more info). So, it's like when your friend buys the same blouse you have after seeing you wear it—only now you're finally being rewarded for helping the business that makes the shirt you indirectly sold.

This is a really interesting concept to me, and I'm really curious to see where it goes. So, if you guys want to check out Luvocracy, here's your special invitation from me right here. The site just launched a few weeks ago, so it's still in the early stages, but let's see how this thing works once more of us are using it! And let me know what you think, as I'm still exploring it myself!

*Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I'm simply interested in this concept and want to spread the word and see what you guys think!


  1. This sounds like such an exciting idea! As a blog that supports independent artists we are initially thrilled about the potential here – Rachel brings up a good point though. Do those who hare having their items purchased through the site share the enthusiasm?

  2. This is such an easy to navigate website and a smart concept.It is like Pinterest for shopping:) I just signed up… hopefully will have an invitation just in time for the holiday seasons!

  3. Hi Joy,
    I signed up and got the invite but the website has a lot of glitches.. doesn’t seem to be working in firefox or explorer. Maybe they aren’t quite ready for primetime?

  4. Hi Joy!
    I noticed some Darling Clementine items on some rec boards… how is this linked to my shops, or any shops that is. Do shops have to “sign up” or be invited by luvocracy to be a site that is scoured for the item? I ask because 1 item I found was actually a photo I took for my own site, Darling Clementine… onviously someone could have grabbed the imaged from the site and it really has nothing to do with my site but I thought I’d ask.
    I reached out to the company as well, but any tidbits/info you might know would be greatly appreciated!
    Fun site! I used your invite. Xx

  5. Very cool! It’s so crazy now to imagine a world before pinterest, and to think about how it has changed social media. I wonder if I will feel that way about luvocracy in a few months. I’m excited to try it!

  6. I cant really make a call til I’m on it but I’m intrigued enough to request an invite.
    However, my first thought is that if this is so similar to Pinterest, why not just use Pinterest? I get the value of shopping on site, but I love pinterest for all the craft, diys and inspiration too. If all it is is products, then all I’m doing is shopping… Feels a bit too consumerist for me.
    (Ok, I know that sounds kinda silly, but really….am I the only one who feels like some blogs and other social media are descending into one giant e-commerce pit? (this is not directed at you Joy, just generally) I’m intrigued to know if anyone else agrees or if I’m just being cynical)

  7. On one hand, it’s exciting like a more accessible version of Pinterest that you can buy from. I do have some issues like how Luvocracy doesn’t allow linking back to the seller or product page even if information is included in the description. Luvocracy doesn’t benefit sellers as much as bloggers who get a commission. And the seller not having full control of sales is the biggest issue I have. Sure it might be a nice incentive to make money but when I browse through people’s pinterests it’s more enjoyable when they aren’t motivated by a commercial means but more out of an appreciation of aesthetic/craftsmanship/etc.
    Some good thoughts on Julia’s blog:

  8. Hi Margaret,
    I totally get what youre saying and that post brings up some great points. I think theres definitely some things they need to work out and also clarify to folks some details. Will be interesting to see where it goes!


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