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{what i’d wear to} thanksgiving dinner…

Oh Joy | Casual Thanksgiving Outfit

Oh Joy | Casual Thanksgiving Outfit

With the biggest eating day of the year just around the corner, I wanted to share what I'd wear for the festive feast. Whether you're having a totally casual dinner at home or going out to a fancy restaurant, giving yourself some room for comfort around the expanding waistline is key for maximum eating pleasure…

For a casual Turkey Day, I'm loving these patterned drawstring pants. They're like sweatpants, only dressier—kind of a totally chic version of your favorite PJ pants. And, don't forget a roomy tote for bringing home those leftovers!

1. Glitter bomb bobbi by, 2. Colorblock sweater from A-Thread, 3. Giraffe bangle from A-Thread, 4. tote by Rib and Hull, 5. Pencey ikat drawstring pants, 6. Patricia flats from ShoeMint.

Oh Joy | Dressy Thanksgiving Outfit

For a dressy dinner, I like feeling fancy and festive, with a fun dress that's not too tight around your waistline. And, because nothing should limit your intake of turkey and pie!

7. Anthropologie cropped jacket, 8. Homako felt ball necklace, 9. Thief & Bandit dress, 10. BHLDN clutch, 11. J.Crew chunky cap toe heels.

{illustrations by Jennifer Vallez for Oh Joy}


  1. Love love love the drawstring pants! With all these skinny jeans I’ve accumulated over the past few years Thanksgiving (and most big eat holidays) make me wish for pajama’s.

  2. These outfits are great! I love the glitter bomb bobbi!!
    ps. Just got Blog, Inc. as a birthday gift and started it last night…so far, SO helpful! Thanks for putting all that info in one book!

  3. I’m totally cheating…Not using for Thanksgiving. Using your basic concepts for my engagement shoot lol. Stretchy pants could come in handy just in case I do some death defying pose that requires pelvic weirdness. Hey, it could happen.

  4. love the illustrations! sadly, aussies don’t do thanksgiving. i had a question about your live chat on thursday… will you be able to stream it afterward? the time difference is too big for me to be able to catch it live so i’m hoping to be able to listen in after the fact 🙂

  5. I love this! It really is a great plan to dress comfortably. Every Thanksgiving I either end up wearing fashionably comfortable clothes or I purposely try and take preventative measures by wearing something that might get uncomfortable if I go wayyy overboard with the stuffing, potatoes, and pie – always a bad idea.

  6. Love the fancy look – gorgeous! I like to try and dress up for the holidays (even though most of my family doesn’t). Dressing up has just always meant a special occasion to me! 🙂

  7. The guest posts are one of my favorites. I love the patterned pants in the first outfit, but that little dress would be such a nice addition to a family thanksgiving.
    Stay in the Lines

  8. I love that you incorporate a great bold print for both occasions! Even fancy thanksgiving needs to have so print awesomeness! Color block sweaters have been a long time love of mine…

  9. Your style is impeccable! Have you tried the Shoemint flats you recommended? I really want to get them but I don’t want to be charged a $10 restocking fee if I decide they aren’t comfortable….. are they comfortable or are you just recommending them based on looks? Also, I tried figuring out how they work (I read the link and watched the video) but I’m not sure what they mean… do I have to subscribe to a monthly obligation to receive shoes? It seems like you buy from/endorse Shoemint so I thought you’d be a good resource. Thanks Joy for your beautiful blog! My #1 go-to 🙂

  10. Hi Stephanie,
    I do have a few pairs of ShoeMint shoes and find them to be both affordable and usually pretty comfy after you break them in. I have one pair of flats I wear almost every day!
    Its like subscription service but if you dont want something one month, you can skip it. I think you might be able to buy things directly too.
    I have these flats and they seem like theyll break in pretty well after I wear them a few times 😉
    Hope that helps!

  11. Love it. So great meeting you last Thursday, Joy. Thank you for being so gracious in answering my questions. Come back to Austin! Most fabulous book signing I’ve ever been to.


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