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Nothing's more comforting than a grilled cheese sandwich. My favorite combination is Gruyère on sourdough, slathered in butter and grilled on the stovetop till crispy. And I just recently starting putting a little extra something in my grilled cheese: Spinach dip! It adds a slight tang and a creamy texture…and, of course, a little nutrition thanks to the spinach!

P.S. My other favorite recipe to make using spinach dip…

{Photo by Oh Joy}


  1. That sounds amazing! I really need to amp up my grilled-cheese-sandwich-making abilities. I usually stick to the standard Kraft single cheddar cheese and wheat bread, but this sounds SO much better!

  2. love grilled cheese! and with sourdough, yum! adding sliced pear or apple really amps it up too. and because i am a garlic fiend and believe everything tastes a little better with garlic, a swipe of garlic aioli on the bread before frying is my secret weapon!
    caroline @thecopperavocado

  3. My new discovery has been sautéed kale! With a bit of garlic, salt and some olive oil you’ve got the best companion to any sandwich! Especially if its sandwiched in between a grilled cheese – yum!!

  4. oh spinach dip that’s smart! i do ‘fancy’ grilled cheese as my husband calls it. but it’s really just french bread, whatever cheese i have on hand, pear or avocado, and prosciutto 🙂


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