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{how i’d wear} a head-to-toe etsy outfit…

Oh Joy | a head-to-toe etsy outfit

When Etsy first began back in 2005, it was heavily craft-based and made up of a mix of folks making stationery, knitted booties, and any kind of crafty thing imaginable. To my delight, it's grown into a place where you can find indie designers and vintage clothing—but still a ton of handmade goodness, too. So I thought it would be fun to put together a head-to-toe Etsy outfit with pieces from some my favorite Etsy shops and searches as of late…

1. Faux fur hat, 2. A Quiet Curiosity necklace, 3. Leah Goren tank, 4. vintage green jacket, 5. Patkas handbag, 6. Three Little Ducks pants, 7. vintage ankle boots from Thrift Shark.

{illustrations by Jennifer Vallez for Oh Joy}


  1. What a great way to get to know different Etsy shops! My favorite (non-clothing) one is Pommes Frites…they make the best soy candles on the planet. (Check out the Spiced Pumpkin or the Teakwood and Tobacco).

  2. What a gorgeous look! I love it! And I also am such an Etsy sucker – I just bought two sets of ADORABLE Valentine’s Day cards (yes, I’m already going there) because the ones I ordered there last year were such a hit with my loved ones. 🙂

  3. Cute, creative way to present your idea! 🙂 I’d like to by more clothes on etsy so I need to stop being afraid about size. I sell jewelry so I have to watch how much I buy/wear of others as it always turns into the “oh, is that yours conversation” lol. I adore the handbags on etsy, but my personal favorite are the headbands and scarves! Adorable, feathered, flowers, patterned you name it. (That and all the unique home decor stuff too)


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