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feeling like a spring in my step…


Just a few spring-like colors for this January day…

{01. Rivet & Sway glasses, 02. Moxi roller skates, 03. Oeuf kids bunny mittens, 04. Kate Spade tote, 05. Hello sweater, 06. Anthropologie pillow, 07. flats by The White Ribbon.}


  1. Love the roller skates! I always wanted to go to job with such old school roller skates, but never found so cool ones. But now as we are living in San Francisco, I don’t think it would be a good idea. 😉

  2. I remember when I used to roller skate! I wish they had pretty colors like that back then. They were all brown an hideous. haha
    Jules of Canines & couture

  3. Love love love…I’m wearing the Hello sweatshirt at this moment and those Moxie skates are super. I was eyeing them (the cheetah actually) the other day and wishing I had a boardwalk to skate on!

  4. I really like the color of # 2 the roller skates for this year.
    It is so cheerful and bright and one will feel good wearing them and going for a skate
    Thanks for sharing


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