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happy friday + little food adventures…




Over the holiday break, we had a total staycation. We decided to stay put this year and recover from all the traveling from my book tour this past fall. I was worried I'd be so bored at home for a week, but it was actually amazing. Bob was off from work, too, so we just hung out with Ruby, took turns sleeping in, played at the park everyday, and ate at our favorite spots…no schedule, no set plans…we just lived each day as it came. And we ate a lot! We went to our favorite Thai restaurant, Korean fried chicken spot, go-to soup dumpling place, burger joint, and French bakery. Since food is so important (and fun!) for me, it's always so fun taking Ruby around to enjoy my favorite foods. It was definitely one of the best weeks I've had all year… 

Have a great weekend guys!

{Photos by Bob Cho at Proof Bakery.}


  1. My husband I also stayed close to home for the holidays and didn’ make many plans for our time off. We watched lots of movies, ate lots of great food as well and just enjoyed being home. We were lucky enough to get a good dump of snow at the beginning of the holidays which made our week at home even more cozy.

  2. My husband and I also take turns sleeping in and watching our little one! Traveling around the holidays is so exhausting, especially with a little one! Laying low and eating well for the holidays sound fab!

  3. She really is quite adorable! I really enjoy your blog! We had a staycation, too. It was so nice to have a break from work and school (both college student, working at the colleges so we got a break from it all! woo!). I love doing nothing, but I’m happy to be back with a schedule again.

  4. hi – what’s your favorite soup dumpling place? i’ve been craving them since i left NY almost ten years ago!!!! wow – i really should have just done a google search in that time. 🙂

  5. Joy,
    i feel we are kindred food spirits….I LOVE Din Tai Fung, Jitlada, Proof, and have been to Sqirl 4 times in the last week! We live in Silverlake too and love to eat.
    Do tell about your fav Korean Fried chicken spot! I have a baby boy close in age to Ruby who would love some finger licking chicken… (By the way, he turned into a little boy over night. Where’s my baby?)

  6. Joy,
    What a wonderful way to spend the holidays! And I am so happy you are able to share your love of food with your daughter, Ruby. She is a very lucky girl. I look forward to a time when I can begin doing the same with my daughter, but she needs to outgrow all of her severe food allergies first 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  7. Joy,
    I love love love Ruby’s style:) Where on earth did you find those adorable boots?? I have a 9 month old on the verge of walking and am far from in love with any of the new walker shoes I have seen. I live in Philadelphia and feel like there isn’t any stylish stuff for kids anywhere here. Can you recommend some websites??


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