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feeling just a bit of neon…



Who would have thought? A couple years ago, neon returned from the 80's and is still going strong! I'm loving our current version of neon with tiny doses here and there…

{01. pillow by Ferm Living, 02. Jeni's rainbow frozen yogurt, 03. Schier shoes, 04. Madewell tank, 05. Boutique 9 heels, 06. Atsuyo et Akiko kids tee, and 07. Fable and Lore necklace.}


  1. I don’t have children of y own, but my brother has two little girls … Age newborn and about to turn two… So now I can get excited about gold-tipped booties and kiddie birthday parties without it being strange! And throw in that neon pillow for auntie, and I my wallet can barely resist.

  2. I love the current trend towards bright colors! I bought a neon pink shirt not too long ago and really love it. I think lighting up the room because my shirt is reflecting is quite an awakening experience! As well, people really take notice of you!

  3. All good things in moderation! That saying must have come about after the 80s, cause you didn’t see a lot of neutrals mixed in with your neons back then. I love the modern day use, so sophisticated. I love those boutique 9 heels, I think they need to come live in my closet this summer!

  4. I am so glad neon is still going strong. I love how chic it looks when neutrals are paired with neon accents. I’ve added the Fern Living pillow top my wish list!


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