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a day with us…

Joy and Ruby


Last month, the girls over at Small Fry spent the afternoon with me and Ruby to film us for their sweet series on mothers and their kids. Shot by the talented Jenner Brown, this little movie beautifully captures the simple moments from our day. Thanks so much to Jenna, Nicole, and Emily for having us, and to Jenner for his ability to capture beauty in everyday things. I'm honored to be included—I'll treasure this little film forever. 

{Video: Jenner Brown. Music: "Make a Noise" by Katie Herzig.}


  1. What a treasure! You are one blessed momma 🙂 You both will be soooo happy to have this video years from now. If it were me and my boy, I’d watch it over and over!

  2. I dont’ typically comment, but this was extra special. What a treasure, I’m sure you {and Ruby!} will love this for years to come. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Joy!
    My name is Caylynn and I just love your posts. Everything in your home is so…. hmm… crisp! and bright! I absolutely LOVE the gold and white rose wallpaper. Where did you find such great wallpaper? Was it pricey? I’ve been looking for some just like it. Thanks! and keep posting beautiful things!
    Caylynn Engle

  4. Thanks sooooo much for sharing this sweet video! It is simply gorgeous! Everything about it is just perfect! Love your blog a lot, you are truly inspiring! I’m currently reading Blog Inc and wanted to say thanks for all the tips & tricks! Love it! Have a nice day with your sweet lil’ Ruby!
    Vanessa from CUTIFUL

  5. priceless! moments you’ll never get back, but you’ll also never forget! i think i might have to do something similar for a girlfriend when her bubba is born in feb! thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Aw Joy…What a beautiful gift. Some day Ruby will see that and her heart will melt. How many littles get to see how they were with their mommies that young?

  7. What a sweet video! Keep it aside until she turns 18…this is what mummy used to do with you all day…(btw i’m always so happy to see the map of Paris in Ruby’s bedroom!)

  8. Seriously melt my heart. She’s the cutest little peanut I’ve ever seen, and her hair is perfect on her little face! This is beautiful!

  9. Hi Joy, What a sweet video of you and Ruby! Where do you find all those cute clothes for Ruby?! The white and black stripe pants, the onesie in the drawer with hot pink stripes? I’ve never seen baby clothes like those before. May I ask what some of your go to stores are for finding cute children’s clothes?
    Thanks and all the best!

  10. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful afternoon with us. It really made me miss LA.
    Your home is lovely and it looks like Ruby has a wonderful life and is well-loved.

  11. Joy, this was amazing! The music went so perfectly and had such a positive message.
    I loved seeing Ruby eat macarons from Bottega Louie too. An early start to the finest of LA 🙂

  12. This video is just so sweet – and will be a lovely memory for down the road. I also have a baby girl born Oct, 2011 and this is such a fun age now with all the learning and discovering happening every day.
    Btw – where did you get your pants? I am in the market for black skinny leg pants and love the ankle zip on yours.

  13. This is really beautiful ! I was moved just looking at your simple day, and Ruby’s vitality, and the love in your eyes… The music also makes for a touching video.

  14. Oh my god! I love the “cat moment”!! My girl is JUST the same age as ruby and she loves cats too. It is one of the few words she knows and she shouts “cat” every time she sees one (in a book or in real life)…
    And the sleepy eyes at the end of the video are just tooo sweet.

  15. Oh, words cannot describe how delightful this little video is! My favourite part is the bit with the cat.
    You both look gorgeous!

  16. Those Small Fry girls make the most amazing videos! What a beautiful thing to have. Love seeing all these real moments between a mom & her kids. 🙂

  17. This is adorable, I almost cried because I realized Ruby will be able to see this video when she’s older.
    How amazing is this new technological era and how it connect us with our past so easily.

  18. that is precious! katie herzig is a dear friend of ours and my hubby plays drums on her records:) loved hearing her in your video!

  19. Hi Joy – I adore this video. Your Ruby is such a doll. If you don’t mind me asking – what is the name of the push car that Ruby is riding in at the start of the video? She looks like she is having a blast and I think my daughter might enjoy it as well : ) Thank you! Claire

  20. What a great video, I loved everything about it. Your little one is the sweetest.
    p.s. I absolutely love your place, that wallcovering in your living room is just awesome. You have a beautiful home.

  21. This is a great video joy. You two always seem to have the best time together!
    May I ask where the blue shirt you are wearing is from in this video? It is too cute.
    Best wishes!

  22. I loved this to pieces. It was fun to watch how your day with Ruby takes a similar rhythm to my day at home with Annika, my one year old. They are so curious! I think I must get her one of those push cars for when spring finally comes to Minnesota.

  23. oh my, I teared up! I’m such a sap! It so reminds me of a day in our life too, my Alice and Ruby are the same age so many of the same kinda moments.
    What an AMAZING keepsake. You two will treasure this one forever!

  24. i just discovered your blog and i am obsessed!
    everything from ruby to your style to those plates are uber adorable. i would like to ask where you got every single thing but that would be a long list. haha

  25. Dear Joy & Ruby, you both are super-cute! Thanks for letting us peek into your world.
    – Speaking of ‘peeking”, my eyes got caught by Ruby’s bookshelf, would you mind sharing on day a list of recommendable baby reads?
    My brother just became a father and I’m a bit out of touch with the new stuff… all the books in Ruby’s shelf look so adorable…

  26. How very beautiful, so heart warming to watch, it cheered me up and made me smile so bright. I love your work and all your wonderful creativity it’s fun,funky and inspiring. Thank you for sharing and bringing such love and happiness to the world. Wishing you continued success in all you do.


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