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{oh joy eats} half & half tea house…






You know might know that I love a good boba tea. Since I'm not a big coffee drinker, I love milk teas as a little midday pick-me-up, and Half & Half Tea House in Rowland Heights has become my new favorite spot.



With drink options like sesame black milk tea, lavender green milk tea, milk tea with caramel, pudding, and honey boba, plus a million other flavors, these teas are serious treats if you're up for some fun, exotic flavors. And Half & Half Tea House's tasty concoctions come in the most giant cups I've ever seen. They don't even fit in the cup holders in my car and they make me look like I have tiny hands! It's probably a good thing this place isn't too close to where I live because I'd be here every single day.

Half & Half Tea House | 17575 Colima Road, Ste. C | Rowland Heights, CA 91748 | 626.810.8778

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang. I'm wearing headphones by Frends, Madewell dotty leggings,  Milly jacket from a past season, eyeglasses by Rivet & Sway, hoodie from past season of J.Crew (similar), and boots c/o Loeffler Randall.}


  1. Love this post, specially the pictures. Your dotted leggings are way too cute!. Their cups are definitely huge, but looks like they have some great tea flavors. Will def. try it out when i an LA next.Thanks!!

  2. Just noticed your Frends headphones! I’ve been thinking about purchasing them but would love a first-hand opinion about them first. How do you like them?

  3. I like Half & Half for their huge cups, but I don’t understand the hype. It doesn’t taste any better than most tea houses near them.
    Have you tried Tea Rush in Diamond Bar? They have the best boba tea.. they brew their tea right when you order. Yeah, it takes a minute or two longer, but so worth it. They also have lots of unique flavors like rose. It’s the best.

  4. Ohh you’re lucky – it looks like there wasn’t much of a line when you went. When I went, there was a line out the door! Also, good news! I think there’s one in the Alhambra area and another one in the Monterey Park area. Thankfully both are significantly closer than Rowland Heights! 🙂 I usually go to The Boiling Crab in that area and stop by Half & Half afterwards for dessert!

  5. Holy Toledo! That cup looks like it’s going to reach up and swallow your head it’s so huge! Are you sure you didn’t “accidentally” order the family-size?

  6. wow i’m from Rowland (though i live in seattle now)! i love going home and getting my fill of boba and my favorite cheap asian restaurants.

  7. It could be a blessing in disguise..I used to love boba tea, but when a place opened up near where I lived in college, I drank it so much that I got sick of it after a semester! Although your post makes me want to have boba tea again!

  8. aww man, i love that place! just when I thought I didn’t like boba anymore, I discover this place and their grass jelly. All their milk drinks are so yummy. The black sesame sounds boooomb. must try next time~~~

  9. Joy…you are… 50%? of the reason I want to move to Cali…. everything seems upgraded there. even the simple bubble tea!! I can barely get these people in Texas to make me a JASMINE milk tea and not regular milk tea! and do you know how awkward it is when I tell my bf about what you ate and how we need to move to cali and he’s like who is this you know in cali? and I’m like, oh… this um.. friend.. no.. some random blogger..
    do you happen to know any law schools that are close to cool areas in Cali?

  10. !!!! I love Half & Half. Their honey boba is so delicious and their drinks are filling! I’m not too far from Rowland Heights yet I haven’t gotten the chance to go there in a very long time.

  11. I love the retro telephone and the bucket with the menus. I wish we had something like this in South Africa. 🙁 Milk tea with caramel sounds amazing.

  12. I can’t decide what I love more – your outfit, the bags, or the tea! So cute.
    I SO wish that giveaway was open to us Canadian folk 😉 Might just have to make a purchase on my own!

  13. it seems like you might be preggers? Not because you look fluffy or anything but you have been wearing your comfies a lot lately (at least on this blog) and you’re kinda wearing things that sorta obscure your midsection…maybe not. You look cute all the time anyhow!

  14. Hi! I must know where your boots are from! Please help! I love yours and I’m very tired of mine.
    Also, I’m loving reading your Blog and Creative books. Thank you!

  15. yum! i’m a socal resident myself and have been to half & half a couple of times.
    it looks like you were lucky and actually had room to sit a take photos! it’s always been so crowded when i’ven gone.
    the first time i didn’t really taste the honey in the honey boba but the second time…
    wow! it was so good! if boba didn’t make me feel super full, i would eat it all the time… i loved the honey flavor.
    i also chose not to get the pudding the second time since it was just too heavy to drink all that stuff – i didn’t even finish half the first time!
    …now i want some half and half!

  16. There’s one in San Gabriel and one in Monterey Park, and the San Gabriel one (which I think is the original) has regular-sized cups!

  17. The Half and Half in MPK just pushes the cup through this tiny little curtained window. rather willy wonka esque.
    My friends and I say that Boba Tea places are the new after-dinner bars.

  18. Looks like the Marc Jacobs Target/Neiman Marcus collaboration clutch!
    No longer available, to my knowledge, but I bet there are a lot of them on ebay because they were marked down to 70% off at Target.

  19. Yay! So glad you blogged about my hometown! I grew up right around the corner from there! I’ll be sure and check out that place next time I’m home! 🙂
    Hi to Ruby!


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