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a few things i’m loving…







Whenever I start a big new design project, I flood myself with as much inspiration as possible to get my creative juices flowing and make myself start thinking outside my norm. For this new project, I even started drawing on paper again! It's been so long since I've done that—I usually go straight to the computer to design. As I was doing research for my project, here are just a few things I came across online that I had to share with you…

{Top to bottom: 1. Vrindavan by Katrin Korfmann,2. Oh My Deer X Pennyweight print, 3. floor-to-wall tiled bathroom by Studio Too Good,  4. Powder photos by Marcel Christ, 5. Typographical moss by Hayli Alyce.}


  1. This just made my morning so much brighter. And it’s been a long time since I saw a visual inspirational quote that I didn’t find cheesy to the point of negating its worth. Love this!

  2. I’m seriously considering getting that Marcel Christ print for my bedroom. I love it! (Well, I haven’t looked at how much it is yet, so I guess that should happen first).

  3. Wow, amazing first photo by Katrin Korfmann. I just spent some time looking at her other work in that series; I love how there’s so much to discover in each photo. Thanks for sharing these (I wish I could have that typographical moss on my own wall)!

  4. I’m always looking for inspiration as well, especially with quotes. I love the, “There’s hope for the hopeless,” image. Hopelessness is such a natural human emotion when things get tough and it’s so important to hang on to the fact that it won’t always be that way. Thanks for sharing!
    Jules of Canines & Couture

  5. I love your taste on bathrooms Joy. It’s always so fresh, clean, bizarre but design like, white but still popping…
    Good luck on the big project! I’d love if you share more during your work process 🙂

  6. Love these inspirational photos. We always do this too before we start a design project to help inspire new ideas. Love the last photo of the quote.

  7. Thanks for the inspirational images! I love the floor to wall tiled bathroom. Such a cool look. I would love to try this out in my own bathroom.

  8. I love your blog, because it is so inspirating for me. And this “article” is just amazing, especially first photo! Really good idea to take a photos in this way, it’s so creative.
    In septemeber 2013 I hope, that I will go to university and study journalism (I have to pass exams,of course) and this post inspirates me for writing!
    Thank you and sorry for my mistakes – you know, I’m from Czech republic:)
    I wish you just happiness, no sorrow, no reason to cry.
    And now I’m waving my hands from Czech and I’m saying “hello” 🙂


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