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{oh joy eats} breakfast at sqirl…




I've been a fan of Sqirl, the L.A.-based, jam company, since I first tried its delicious canned delights a couple years ago. So I was excited to visit Sqirl's new brick-and-mortar space—a tiny little cafe with an adjacent outdoor area—that serves a twist on cozy morning comforts.




Instead of PB&J, there's brioche topped with chocolate ganache, almond hazelnut butter, and fleur de sel. Instead of oatmeal, Sqirl serves the best sweet rice porridge I've ever had (and what I wish oatmeal tasted like!), topped with jam and roasted hazelnuts. Really, I dream about this porridge! And then (if you're looking for something more savory) there are some dishes inspired by Australian and Filipino flavors like the crispy rice salad topped with cilantro, lime, and a fried egg. Supposedly they have amazing freshly pressed almond milk tea, too. This is my new go-to spot when I need something quick to warm my belly…

Sqirl | 720 N. Virgil Ave. | Los Angeles, CA 90029 | 213.394.6526

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang for Oh Joy. My outfit: StyleMint tee, Lauren Moffatt skirt, vintage belt, smooch brooch.}


  1. yummers! it’s my goal to make a SAVORY rice porridge… when i was in vietnam i mostly stayed at bed and breakfasts, and the rice porridge there was the best thing to wake up to!! when you mentioned it, it brought back vivid memories of that wonderful place 🙂

  2. yeah for SQIRL! I love Jessica and her attitude about about food, ingredients and process always inspires me. Also my husband (FreelandBuck) designed the space. 😉

  3. I saw some Sqirl jams at Proof when I was visiting LA over the summer. I really wanted to buy a couple to bring home, but I didn’t have the space in my suitcase. Of course, they open a store (long) after I’ve come back home. Just another reason I’ll have to go back.


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