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you can’t just have one…

Oh Joy + Fossil

Oh Joy + Fossil

Bob always asks me why I need so many handbags. He'll say, "Why can't you have just one?"

I mean, does he even know me? Or know women at all

As we women know, different bags serve different purposes—therefore, we need at least a few to cover various occasions, as well as complement the outfits we wear. So today I've partnered with Fossil to share some of my favorite bag styles for different moods, needs, or situations—and show you what I carry in each.

Oh Joy + Fossil

One piece I've recently added to my bag collection: an iPad case/carrier. Especially when taking it to meetings, I love making sure my iPad is protected, and this case also holds my business basics, too (a notebook and pencils, business cards, my phone, and a cute leave-behind).

Oh Joy + Fossil

Oh Joy + Fossil

When I'm out with Ruby, I always carry a roomy tote bag. I rarely use a traditional diaper bag anymore since she doesn't need quite as much stuff now that she's a toddler. But I'll still bring a few essential baby musts in a tote, including a zip pouch to hold diapers and wipes, snacks, a multi-purpose ointment, and a small pouch that holds my own daily essentials so I can quickly find my money, keys, and phone in a bag full of baby stuff.

Oh Joy + Fossil

Oh Joy + Fossil

For evenings out with friends (or a date night with Bob), a clutch that's compact and holds the bare necessities is my go-to. While some like tiny clutches, I prefer one that is big enough to hold lip gloss, lipstick, a little pouch for my credit cards, my phone, and a dressy watch or piece of jewelry I can throw on as I head out the door.

Oh Joy + Fossil

Oh Joy + Fossil

And finally, for day trips, quick jaunts, or occasions when being hands-free is helpful, a cross-body bag holds my major essentials plus a notebook for jotting down all that inspiration I'll come across.

So tell me…what's your go-to style of bag? And how many handbags do you have? (I'm afraid to count mine.)

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Fossil. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting these sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for Oh Joy. See my Q&A on Fossil's blog.

{Photos of me by Bonnie Tsang; interior bag photos by Oh Joy. All bags shown are by Fossil and linked above if currently available. If they are not linked, they are brand new and will be available soon.}


  1. I love Fossil bags so much! I’m not big on designer bags, but I really do adore Fossil! I love all of your colors. I need to get more bags, I have at least 15 (not too sure on the total), but I can always use more!

  2. Oh my goodness! I’ve been using an old brown leather crossbody bag from my mom and I absolutely love it! Fairly compact just like your coral one, but mine is just about on the end of its life line… I would LOVE a new one and can hardly decide between the pink one or the coral one! Too bad my husband told me not to buy anything for a while and bought me a house instead! Just kidding! Love him! But also purses!

  3. Total handbag whore over here. I stopped counting at 13… and I wasn’t even out of the Clutch drawer yet. But I need them. I need them all.
    Side note- I spy some rose gold wonderfulness peeking out from that tote bag.

  4. I am impressed with fossil. Don’t use their bags, but these are some pretty cute one. Love the bright colors Maybe I will add one to my collection 🙂 Thanks for the lovely post!

  5. I carry a Fossil bag and love it. Beautiful bag, roomy, great stuff!
    Where is your adorable glittery iPhone case from?

  6. Before I read any further, I thought you were having another baby! (Because of the title and because the photograph focused not on your face but on your midsection- which I understand now is really focusing on the purse.) Ha ha. Fun post all the same!

  7. So – are the smaller bags that you put inside (one for baby stuff like diapers, one for your ccards) how you keep organized? I feel like my issue with mixing up bags is the constant schlep of STUFF from one to the other – things like mints and hand cream, too.

  8. Oh gosh, Joy! These are all SO gorgeous! I’m a fan of the big tote bag and just bought a cute one in a red and black lumberjack flannel from Forever 21 for cheap cheap cheap. If I had all the money in the world I’d buy a heckuva lot more, but I’ve got a completely manageable collection of four.

  9. i love this post, joy! all of the purses featured are so versatile and eye catching. i’m also a huge fan of your polka dot and floral printed outfit!

  10. I love Fossil bags. i am afraid to count how many bags I have. My husband and I used to compete with my number of bags and he had at least 42 golf putters!

  11. I finally bit the bullet and invested in a Fossil purse. I get compliments on it all the time and the leather feels so nice. And I love how the leather has worn in so nicely. Love them!

  12. Oh. my. goodness. Your photos are just lovely. I especially like the lemon-y carwash-esque curtain you’re walking through. How fun! I have a ridiculous amount of purses and most of them, oddly, are Fossil. Keep the fun colors coming!

  13. Yes! Especially with having to switch between a bag with baby stuff and a non baby stuff bag so often, I now keep all the necessities in a smaller pouch and just move that into the bigger bags. It also limits me to how much I can fit in the smaller pouch! 😉

  14. Oh whhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy won’t Fossil partner with me!!
    I want one of all the bags on this post. I just love the colour and the yellow one and the pink clutch are just so beautiful!when I am in the States I always treat myself to a Fossil handbag and a Fossil Watch…They are just so lovely!
    Lovely and lucky!

  15. I have many bags, but my 3 favorite ones that I use often are Fossil. 2 are cross-body one is allot smaller than the other, and I recently bought one for school-the Austin tote 🙂

  16. ha! matt says the same exact thing to me (i’m sure you can totally picture him saying it too!). after each bag purchase he says “this is the last one ever, right?” i just smile.

  17. This is the coolest photo shoot! I especially love the “rain” of yellow. The ipad case/bag really made me think. Having that would make carrying the extras so easy! Other Ipad cases don’t tend to be enough because I need a pen/paper to go with me too. The extra pockets are genius.

  18. I love your blog, Joy & I love Fossil! What a great partner combination:) I have several Fossil bags and I’m lobing their new spring line!

  19. Love how you mixed different patterns together! Loving the pink clutch and the ipad carrier. Thanks for sharing! Always leave your blog with ideas!

  20. I love Fossil. Their stuff is gorgeous. I REALLY like the roomy tote you chose…I may just have to start saving up for another Fossil bag.

  21. So true! You can never have enough bags. That and shoes! Those are my must haves. For bags, I’m looking for something I can use for cross-body, but isn’t too big and can hold my phone, wallet and etc. I also need a cute clutch for parties and such.
    I saw someone carrying a cute Kate Spade bag, but I’m not sure I can find it. I also pay attention to what people wear/carry. 🙂

  22. Sorry if someone already asked this…but where is that cute little kraft paper and gold notebook from? Is this a design of yours?

  23. Hi Joy! These pictures are great – do you mind sharing where you got the blue dress (the one that you are wearing pictured in the mirror)? It looks so cute with the pink clutch.
    Thanks! Angela

  24. I’m a self-admitted Bag Hag!!
    LOVE this post! My go-to everyday bag is my Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hiller Hobo in plum seen here: I too am a bag inside a bag inside a bag girl. I use my Marc Jacobs for Target gold pouch inside my bags that holds my lipstick, tic tacs, cell phone and keys. Santa was good to me last Christmas and I received the lovely Eat Cake for Breakfast tote and Arm Candy pouch by Kate Spade for my weekend fun outfits as seen here: and here:
    I actually went ahead and counted to prove a point to my hubby that I really didn’t have that many but 26 may seem like a lot to some, I suppose.
    I really love that orange crossbody bag by Fossil but I suspect it’s too small for my arsenal. I was going to get this guy Marc by Marc Jacobs: but it’s sold out.
    I wrote a post about what’s inside my bag a few years ago: I should do an updated one soon.
    Then I have my specialty bags, a vintage delicate clutch for formal events that is an heirloom from my Grandmother, and an adorable backpack from ModCloth: that holds double duty for my 2 year old’s toys and books.
    My iPad lives in my lovely Jess LC Quincy case along with my business cards and stationery. I do have my one crazy bag which I got for my birthday since my friends all know my love of Hello Kitty. Every woman needs one eclectic piece in her wardrobe.
    Sorry for all the links, I wish I knew how to add photos to comments.

  25. I love any and all of their cross body bags! Perfect for a mom on the go looking to keep it classy and organized 🙂

  26. As a student and photographer, I simply adore the Austin Tote in the color Saddle. I loathe camera bags and this tote is large enough to undetectably hold my camera and my school notebooks.
    I also love the style of the Austin tote. It is “clean”, sturdy and minimalistic. It aids in my transition from student to professional without a cinch!

  27. There are so many wonderful choices! But if I had to pick one… my favorite is the Austin Tote with in the grey stripes. It could easily take you from spring to fall and oh, how spacious it looks!

  28. I love the iPad case, especially since it also holds other business essentials. I own several bags, though most of the bags pictured here are too small for me. I carry way too much with me every day, including a camera (either a point-and-shoot or a DSLR).
    Loving the coral one though, if I could ever convince myself to leave the house without a camera.


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