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Make Someone Happy – No. 06: Write a Song

Make Someone Happy - No. 06: Write a Song

Last month, we wrote a letter to express our feelings. So this month I wanted to take it one step further and create a song! Now, we’re not all songwriters or singers (um, I am completely tone deaf!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t put some of your thoughts down to a simple melody to sing just for fun. So with the help of my friend, Brooke White, I made a song for my Valentine: my husband Bob.

Here are Brooke’s easy song-making tips:

1. Write down a bunch of sentences about your subject to create the lyrics. For example: How did you meet? What does he or she like? What are some of the characteristics you like most about them?

2. String those  sentences together to create a verse. Rhyming is always a fun way to make sentences flow together, so for our song, we’d come up with the first line, then write the next line so that the last word rhymed with the last work of the previous sentence. You can even rap this part, like we did!

3. Create a chorus. Also known as the hook, this is the part of a song that repeats over and over in between verses.

4. Make up one more verse with another set of facts—more fun things to say about your subject!

5. Put it all together with simple melody. We rapped the verses and sang the chorus to a very simple tune. Pull out the tambourine, maracas, or just clap your hands to accompany the song!

I hope this inspires you to create and sing a little song for your Valentine.

P.S. A huge thanks to Brooke for lending her talents (even while under the weather)!

{Video by Modshift. Special Guest: Brooke White.}


  1. So adorable! I love the song and the idea of it! What a precious gift! I also have to say I love Brook White! I think she is such a talented singer. Thanks for sharing your song with us. So sweet!

  2. Joy, i think you should almost be able to hear the strings of my heart being plucked right now! your mojo is seriously magnetizing & Brooke is the BEST!! i bet Bob has played this catchy tune over and over, i’m still humming it as i tappy-tap my keyboard. all that’s left is one BIG smile after another whenever i visit your space!!!! thank you for the insp tonight. um, time to turn this into digital memories and blast it from the car stereo 🙂 100% adore.

  3. Oh my goodness. Brooke White! I have her version of “Let it Be” from her run on American Idol on my computer and still listen to it on occasion! I’m so happy to see she’s doing well!
    And that song is so sweet! It was good to hear your voice!

  4. Okay, somehow I missed this one until now! I have to say, hands-down the best edition of Make Someone Happy yet. The song is just the sweetest, and I love the simplicity of the actual video. Good on ya!

  5. Never thought I’d say a cliched thing like, “this made me smile”, but guess there’s a first time for everything! What I loved most is how much fun it looks to play with your friends like this. Thanks!


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