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{oh joy eats} guerrilla tacos…




One of the best parts about having good weather year-round are the pop-up carts and trucks that do business on the streets of Los Angeles. Guerrilla Tacos is a pop-up taco stand in downtown L.A. that serves amazing breakfast tacos a couple times a week. I've had a hard time finding tacos here in L.A. that compare to those in San Diego, but Guerrilla really left an impression on me.


And the prices! Seriously, so reasonable and delicious! $3-$4 for probably the best breakfast tacos I've ever had. The chorizo taco was spicy and savory, the mushroom taco was a great vegetarian option, and the tamale—um, out of this world.



It's amazing to me what can be cooked right on the street without the need for a fancy kitchen and equipment. Street food is probably one of my favorite kinds of food because the people who make it focus on one thing, and usually do it really well.

What kinds of pop-up food carts like this do you guys have where you live?

Guerrilla Tacos (at Handsome Coffee Roasters) | 582 Mateo Street| Los Angeles, CA 90013 | 818.640.3033

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang. My shoes are Crew Cuts.}


  1. Wow! That kind of reminds me of last year when I went to Honduras! We wanted tacos so we went to this street where everyone basically sat outside of their house and would grill you your tacos or whatever else you were eating for dinner. It was so unique. Each house had something slightly different!

  2. I live close by a kebab place called Mustafas gemüse kebap, and even though its cooold out, people are still standing in line for a LONG time to get one. We went there yesterday for the first time, and it was so good I had to go back today.. If you’re ever in Berlin, you have to get one!

  3. Thanks for this one! My husband and I always talk about how it’s actually kind of weird how tough it is to get a delicious taco in this town! You’d think they’d be everywhere. We’ll definitely try these out. Cheers!

  4. Have you tried Guisados (there is one in Echo Park)? Being from Chicago I also know what a good taco tastes like. And what it is like to miss them living in LA! Guisados really hits the spot for me and I crave them a lot! Quesadilla & Pescado are my faves! But they’re all good!

  5. I need to start carrying around cash so I can go to more of these. I live in LA and have barely dipped my toe in the pool of pop up stands and food trucks.

  6. each week in downtown Boston, known as “Fort Point,” there is a new food truck sometimes it Roxy’s gourmet grilled cheese or Trendy Vietnamese, Bon me, or another favorite, the chicken and rice guys. I am all about these food trucks!! (PS just recently bought and read Blog Inc. WONDERFUL!!!)

  7. Sadly I live in Louisville, Ky now. I’ve seen a few but never stopped to try their food. No worries though, I’m originally from California and will be making a trip out there and I might just have to stop by and try these out, thanks Joy!

  8. Mmm, I’m hungry just looking at these! I love food trucks, unfortunately it’s only a thing of the summer in Philadelphia. You should try Little Babies Ice Cream truck if you make it to Northern Liberties this summer!

  9. I love it when you introduce me to good food so close to me! I go to sci arc which is only a few blocks from here. This is going to be so good after an all-nighter at school! Thanks!

  10. The next time I’m in Downtown, I gotta look for Guerrilla Tacos! I don’t get to buy from food trucks very often. :\
    P.S. I love Handsome Coffee Roasters.

  11. This looks lush. I used to visit Whitecross Street in London that had lots of ‘street food’ stalls.
    The best was the Mexican burritos from Luardos
    Their most popular filling was the beef, and often sold out, so you had to get there early to avoid the lunchtime rush.
    Reading Blog Inc. at the moment – An ‘unputdownable’ read, thank you for sharing!
    Ginny :)x

  12. I used to live in Philly and loved eating at the food trucks around Penn… especially the Magic Carpet truck (middle-eastern veg). Now I’m in the Detroit area so the only food truck I encountered was at the Eastern Market. Delicious korean beef tacos! My other favorite food truck was in Vancouver, BC called Japadog (japanese hot dog)!!

  13. I live in SF and we have those dirty dogs in the mission.. bacon wrapped hot dogs &)
    the food trucks tho are pretty awesome as well :3

  14. Hi Joy
    Im off to LA next month – looking forward to trying some of your ‘LA eats’ recommendations…cute outfit! isnt it Winter in LA though? Im so stumped what to take with me?
    in Sydney

  15. Hi Anastasia!
    Yes, I guess it is winter. But winter in LA is pretty warm. Some days its as warm as 75 degrees (F) like it was today, but avg this time of year is mid-60s as a high and then low 50s or high 40s as a low.
    Right now this time of year, I wear long pants, and then layer short sleeve and long sleeve (since the morning and night is colder and afternoon is warm). Also a light jacket for morning and night. Its not warm enough for shorts or flip flops right now.
    Hope that helps!

  16. If you’re ever in the Bay Area, you should look up the participants of La Cocina. A lot of female food entrepreneurs that operate small businesses (food trucks, packaged foods, carts, and now some restaurants). Delicious stuff, too!

  17. That looks so good! We have pop ups line one of our downtown roads in Tampa, every Friday during the lunch hours. They serve everything from Argentinian tamales to tacos. Yum!

  18. I’m heading to Vancouver in 2 weeks and although it isn’t tacos, looking forward to trying the Japadog food truck. I’ve heard it’s really good!


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