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I've been poppin' these sea salt infused caramel chews from Copper Pot Caramels this week like no one's business. They're soft, salty, buttery, and don't stick to your teeth! They satisfy that chewy candy craving when I want something a little more buttery than gummy bears (which I also love).

What's been your favorite candy lately?

{Photo by Oh Joy}


  1. Wow, these look so yummy. I’m surprised to hear that they don’t stick to your teeth, ever caramel I’ve ever had has stuck to my teeth. I will have to try this particular brand out.
    Quinn Cooper Style

  2. They look sooo good. I’m 12 weeks pregnant so EVERYTHING looks and sounds good right now! My favorite salted caramel is from Fran’s Chocolates.

  3. Yum! Caramels will always be my favorite but since we’re getting so close to Easter I’ve been indulging in the best Russel Stover’s marshmallow eggs.
    Chelsea & The City

  4. A caramel that doesn’t stick to your teeth is quite the find!! Tis the season, I am snacking on those crunchy mini Cadbury Eggs…

  5. Ooh, they look satisfyingly sweet! I’m currently scoffing on Cadbury’s Creme Eggs as I can’t get enough of the fondant filling. However I hear some people dip chips/fries in it!

  6. My incredible husband (who is the chef in our family) made exactly these caramels which we gifted as christmas presents a few years ago. I designed cute packaging to go with them, they were a big hit. It’s relatively easy to make them, just very time consuming to hand wrap each one. They’re super delicious, it’s impossible to eat just one.

  7. I’m pregnant and have been craving caramels! Maybe the Easter bunny will bring some ; ) My obsession as of late has been YumEarth’s Organic Sour Gummy Worms. Just the right touch of sour and nothing artificial. So good! (about $2 at the health food store)

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  9. Those look mouth watering! I love anything SeaSalt right now. I’m allergic to caramel but have been eating it like crazy! (oops!) Also, I can’t put down the dang Thin Mints. So Good!!!

  10. Peanut butter. I have an allergy to dairy, eggs and soy. So, half the amazing confections you post here are not an option. It’s so much fun to see what you eat though. Peanut butter is my only sweet thing that I can enjoy. If I develop an allergy to nuts, I’m really out of luck.

  11. They look super good and old school! I love the look of brown wax paper. My all time favourite is white bunny creamy candy but they’re not as soft and chewy anymore..:(

  12. Having personally tested many of these Copper Pot Caramels, I can attest to the fact that they are buttery and delicious. The caramel sauce they make is also perfect. I try to save it for dipping apples in (healthy!), but end up eating it by the spoonful. These are made in my hometown of Yakima, so I will admit, I am a bit bias.


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