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clusters of things…






Maybe it's because I have a hard time choosing just one thing, but I find myself loving items arranged in clusters. From florals to prints to lighting—I just think they look so good in multiples. Here are a few of my favorites found around the web right now.

What types of things do you guys like arranging in groups?

{Sources, top to bottom: art wall via The Design Files, test tube chandelier by Gang DesignMera Brasserie in Poland, Yasmine Floral Design}


  1. i have little clusters of succulents all over my house. other than basil, it’s the only thing i can keep alive with my black thumb so i like to have them all over! plus there’s so many different kinds so it’s fun to pick little groups for them!

  2. These are awesome. I did a quick blog post about photographer Mark Merton’s work yesterday. Looking through his flikr made me remember how fascinating and beautiful repetition can be. It’s so powerful and totally draws your eyes in.
    I also love your “cluster of art” on your living room wall and am currently planning my own 🙂

  3. So very beautiful! Normally, I like things very clean and organized. Almost bare, because with very little, it’s almost calming. But lately, I’ve found that things which are purposefully clustered (and a bit chaotic or mismatched) can be very inviting and fun!

  4. I was going to share a photo of one of my personal clusters but realize I can’t. It started with crosses but has come to include metal stars, and a pair of angel wings. I love it!

  5. This creates such visual impact! I tend to go for clean, minimal designs and home decor, but I’m seriously considering a gallery wall like that in our living room. We have tons of small art we’ve collected over the years and a big grey wall thats just asking for it!

  6. I love colours, patterns and textures so I often buy things randomly, not thinking about what they will go with. Things like towels, sheets, dishes, underwear, nail polish, whatever. And I love when I’ve just done all the laundry and I have a stack of towels or sheets that are all different, but look so good together. Or I’ve hung all my underwear to dry and all the patterns and colours look so cute together. Or I open a cupboard with all my different dishes that I love separately, but work so well together. Or grouping nice nail polish colours together.
    While my collections are somewhat private and not ones I would display in my living room, they make me happy when I see them. And I’ll admit I do sometimes take the time to arrange them so that the right colours and patterns are beside each other. Kind of nuts, but I can’t help it 🙂

  7. Ah so this is where all my favorite pins on Pinterest came from
    <3 Jenelle
    Also I just started my blog I would love if you would come check it out & give me some tips if you had time.
    Joy I know you're super busy, keep up the great work. BTW I've been reading like all your books, they're so helpful in just getting someone like me's feet wet with inspiration in just pursuing my dreams you're such an inspiration. Oh btw I may as well throw this out there, if you're looking for an intern/worker I'm available, I'm a graphic design student at Art Center. I'm really good at making projects, inventing crafts, etc. Just keep me in mind for future if not.
    <3 Jenelle


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