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  1. Oh goodness these are precious! I love it when the little boy says his parents go on a date to costco, haha.

  2. The small fry video was just so cute. I too loved the boy that answered Costco when asked where his parents went on a date 🙂 So made me smile, thanks x

  3. Ah! Thank you so much for turning me on to Small Fry, I just watched all of their youtube videos with my daughter. She was completely captivated, and so was i! I want a video like that of my little family. I’d seen the one of you and Ruby before but didn’t know who made it. Such beautiful work!

  4. In the J.Crew clip? The way that kids says, “my favorite sorbet in the world”? Adorable. I always wonder how the editors are able to pick the best parts of these kid interviews… it seems like everything is so sweet – but that one is a clear winner.

  5. I LOVE the Valentine’s Day one.
    I spent quite a bit of the colour one upset that the kid didn’t know what “an Onyx” was. Has he not been exposed to Pokemon yet?
    Kids are adorable!

  6. totally the reason i chose to be an elementary school teacher librarian instead of a high school teacher librarian…


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