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a sparkly handmade {giveaway}…



The talented and full-of-facts Amy Azzarito (also known as the managing editor of Design*Sponge) has a new book out called Past and Present which includes her 24 favorite moments in decorative arts history and 24 modern DIY projects inspired by them.

To celebrate her new book, we've partnered with Amy and one of her featured artists, ConfettiSystem, to give away this amazing Art Deco mobile that ConfettiSystem designed and made for the book. It's pretty awesome to have on hand for a party—or really, to have for any day of the week! It can also be used a piñata if you fill each shape with candy! One lucky winner will win this one-of-a-kind piece and also receive a copy of Amy's book (which includes even more beautiful how-to projects like the ones below)!


To enter, simply leave a comment us how or where you'd use this gorgeous mobile. Entries must be posted by this Thursday, May 2nd, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Linda L. from Arlington, VA for being the winner this time!

*Sorry, limited to U.S. readers only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.


  1. This mobile would look so adorable in my little girl’s room, to match her spunk and disarming toddler wit. 🙂

  2. I love everything Confetti System does. I would display this piece in my office so I could share it with my coworkers.

  3. I have a loft with 14ft ceilings and this piece would look fantastic hanging from the high ceilings right in front of the windows. Any book with that in it must be a good one!

  4. I have a lovely friend who just got enagaged! I think this mobile would suit her tastes perfectly for throwing the once in a lifetime engagement party. 🙂

  5. I would use this in our nursery (we are expecting our first baby in September!) The nursery colors and white, navy, mint and gold – this would be perfect! 🙂

  6. We just moved into a new house, where I have my very own craft room! It would look amazing there!

  7. My graduation open house is coming up in early June and I’d love this to be hanging on my patio! My colors are pale pink, gold, and white so this would look perfect!

  8. I’m probably supposed to say that I’d save it for a birthday party, but I want to hang it in our entry hallway today and every day!

  9. Ha, right in the center of my living room where I could open my windows for the world to see!!! Ok, Chicago. 🙂

  10. I would use it in my loft right beside my inspiration board. It could never have too much gold!

  11. I would hang it in my living room where my young daughters could also enjoy it–I’m sure it would quickly become part of the “ballroom” in their princess games! 🙂

  12. This would be beautiful in my home office above my desk. I can always use more glittery inspiration!

  13. I’m planning a Gatsby theme party for next month, and this would be an amazing addition to the Art Deco decor. Then, I’d leave it up in my dining room, because it is too pretty to put away!

  14. Gorgeous!!! I’d hang it over the credenza in our entryway
    shanahattis at gmail dot com

  15. I’d use it as decore for my little sister’s bridal shower, and the reuse it as decore in the baby’s room I hope we’ll be needing soon! xo!

  16. I would hang this beautiful object in my craft room for constant inspiration! I love, love, love Confetti System and Design Sponge. To have a piece hanging around to remind me to follow a creative path would be awesome!!

  17. What a fun giveaway! I think this would be fun for a party, but then I’d want to hang it in my bedroom after…I’d love that shiny glam to be the first thing I see each morning.

  18. I would use this for my 30th bday party coming up! Would look amazing
    And the rest of the time, I’d keep it in the dining room 🙂

  19. My best friend is getting married in August, and being the maid of honor, I am in charge of her Bachelorette party. This would be the perfect decoration for the event!

  20. I love the sparkles! We are planning our wedding for next summer and our color palette is gold and mint. This gorgeous mobile would look perfect at the reception – maybe hanging over the bar at cocktail hour or a fun piece to have hanging at the entrance to the party!

  21. So cute! I could somehow incorporate it into a light fixture and put it above my dining room table.

  22. I would hang this in the home office corner of my living room to help inspire fun and creativity in my work!

  23. I would love that in the corner of my living room, it would really brighten up or space! We’ve got a green/orange/gold thing going on and it would look great. 🙂

  24. How fabulous! This gem would have to hang above my drawing desk in my studio room — a joyful reminder to always have fun while creating.

  25. I’d throw a party for my close friends and hang the mobile up and then leave the mobile up in my room as a reminder of the fun party.

  26. I would place this over my dining table as a chandelier in my brand new apartment! I’m absolutely broke so this would be the most perfect addition to what is currently a very sparse living space.

  27. I would use it to decorate at my monthly LA friend brunches (usually about 40 people). We currently make our own flag banners, but this would make our party decor spectacular!

  28. This would be a stunner in my stairwell, which is surrounded by windows. The confetti would send light dancing!

  29. I would put it in the nursery that I have yet to decorate. It would be a great starting point!

  30. Oh this would be the PERFECT addition to our wedding/rehearsal dinner decor. Our colors are black and gold and, marrying into a Mexican family, there HAS to be a pinata at our RD (although this might be too pretty to actually bust open!)

  31. In my reading nook, near the bay windows surrounded by all my potted succulents and gardenias!

  32. I would absolutely love to use this at my wedding! I’ve been wishing I could get a Confetti System piece and this would be perfection!

  33. I know it’s a long ways off, but I feel like that pinata would be excellent for new years. So glitzy!

  34. I would definitely use this mobile to add some sparkle to my daughter’s room. I’d fit it in with some poms hanging from her ceiling. So fun!

  35. This would be perfect for my Cinco De Mayo party, complete with a live mariachi band and pin the tail on the donkey.

  36. Well, this is clearly made for my 30th birthday party coming up! Sparkle me!

  37. oh my goodness my Wedding June 22!! We are doing coral, gold, mint and aqua! It would be perfect at our drink or dessert table! Then in our brand new apartment :)!

  38. I’d hang it under our pergola in our backyard. It’d look rad hanging with lots of twinkling white lights on a warm summer evening!

  39. Perfect for the classroom of a math teacher with fifth grade girls who live for sparkle! It would be just the thing to grab their attention during 3D geometry.

  40. Love this mobile and book concept – I love using party decor as regular home decor. Every day is a celebration.

  41. I would love to hang this up for my daughter’s first birthday party and then move it into her room as a modern “mobile” much cooler than the traditional ones for kids’ rooms.

  42. I love Confetti System. I’ve kept their West Elm ornaments up since December, and have no plans to take them down. They just make me happy. I’d put this big beauty up on a ceiling hook in my living room. Life isn’t always a party, but there’s no reason why it can’t look like one. 😉

  43. I would use it over out bar, there is some empty space tha needs something sparkly!

  44. Neat! I went to Amy’s recent workshop at Terrain in PA and had a great time. I love this mobile and would keep it as is and hang it up in a corner of my daughter, Maya (5) bedroom next to her Madonna screen print. It would look awesome!

  45. The hubs and I are preggo with our first baby, so we’d love to use that in their nursery! Or how about, every party we throw ever for the rest of our lives! Love it!

  46. i would put it up in my bedroom and i’m sure i’d have the sweetest of dreams *fingers crossed*

  47. would definitely hang this in the somewhat empty corner of my apartment. I think it’d catch the light just right

  48. Since I work from home full time, I would love to be able to brighten up my office with something fun and sparkly!

  49. I would hang this in my walk in closet so I would always feel like I’m getting ready for a party!

  50. I’d use it in the dining room, for my upcoming birthday brunch, and then put in the bedroom for a little boudoir bling 😉

  51. LOVE this! I would use it in my June 30th outdoor wedding since our colors are mint green, red-orange, and GOLD!

  52. I just got really, really excited about having at least one pinata at our wedding next summer!! Beautiful decorations + way fun party game = winning in my book!

  53. I keep my bed in a small loft above my room and the light that hits it in the morning would be so beautiful on this gorgeous piece!

  54. Love the happy party vibe. I would use it as a centerpiece when hosting a party.

  55. I think I might use it in an entry. It is always fun to make a big statement when people first walk in. This would set the stage for a fun party!

  56. I’d put it in my office. My office is completely empty, save for a small cactus, but I’ve been meaning to decorate it!

  57. I would to show case this in my new mid century modern home. I have great windows and great ceiling details and I think this would light up my living room space. A beauty!

  58. I would hang it above my kitchen table or in my boys’ bedroom. Love it so much! Makes me happy!!

  59. Ahh I love it! I’d definitely hang it in the corner of my room or office, and bust it out for any potential weddings in the future…haha!

  60. It would for sure make an appearance at my birthday next month! And after that, I think it would add a perfect dose of sparkle & inspiration to my office.

  61. I would give it to my parents to add to their mom&pop beauty shop. Its just the thing to attract new customers and be a lovely conversation piece to the cute old ladies getting their nails done!

  62. that confetti system beauty would definitely hang above my desk as a constant sparkly mood-lifter!

  63. I have a dark, boring corner in my studio apartment where I would hang this!

  64. How gorgeous is that mobile?
    My space lacks light, so this reflective piece would be beautiful in that normally dark office. Placed near a window, it would bounce light all across the room. Plus, it’s so beautiful, I would be inspired to write happy things on the blog!
    The book is great, too, for a DIY addict.

  65. I would put it in my kitchen- the gold would look great against my navy accent wall.

  66. i would hang it in my living room where the sun could make it sparkle!
    thanks for sharing.

  67. I would use it over the main table at my baby’s 1st birthday this summer!

  68. i would keep this baby up all year round because she’s too pretty to pack away, and way too pretty to bust open like a pinata!

  69. I am planning a Made & State launch party here in Portland, Oregon, and there is not better way to celebrate than with this American Made Confetti Systems mobile, since Made & State is all about the best in American Made Design. How Appropriate is That?!!
    Plus glitter is my favorite color…….

  70. I would hang it in the middle of my tiny living room like a funky geometric disco ball and have dance parties under!

  71. I would love to hang this above my bed or desk in my dorm room. It would be the perfect touch of glam to draw attention away from the boring white walls!

  72. I’d use this as inspiration in my writing room. It’d make me happy and hopefully want to write more!

  73. gorgeous! I’d hang it in my living room–to compliment my gold glitter coffee table. Can never have too much gold!

  74. omg! love design*sponge and confetti systems!!! i would put this work of art in my walk in closet.

  75. I would LOVE to put this in my baby’s nursery! I would also bring it out for parties, to show it off, maybe in the corner of our entryway..

  76. Ummm, talk about awesome. I could it at every party EVER. Or just stick in in my room because I love it and it would look great in there!

  77. I would use that for sure at my best friend’s bachelorette party coming up next month!

  78. I would totally use this as a badass pinata at my wedding in October! We’re using their pretty sparkly tassel garlands as decorations too.

  79. My room is navy, white and gold, so I would hang it in the corner, where it can catch the light (a la MightyGirl and her bedroom disco ball!). Thanks for sharing, Maggie

  80. i would love this for my wedding in august!! after the wedding, i’d display it in my living room or craft studio 🙂

  81. Beautiful! I would use it in our back stairway. it would add sparkle to a dim area!

  82. I’d use this to give my room some cheer during the rainy Seattle spring!

  83. I’m hosting a cocktail party for a special soon to be married couple and this would totally light up the room for the amazing couple!!

  84. It would definitely go by the bay window! I love to look at windows as I walk down the street, and noticing interesting decorations. Seeing this from the outside would me me smile.

  85. I would use it in my entryway so that my visitors encounter this fantastic, sparkly thing right off, and it would be visible through the front window.
    And I would fill it with mad money.

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